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    Camo Style

    Hello my loves happy humpday. Hope your day was delightful. As for me it wasn’t so bad in which is a good thing. I know I’ve been a bit Gina from the blogging, but in all reality the weather in nyc has been truly so cold and I honestly think I’m running out of winter clothes, ha! I’m ready for nicer days of dresses and shorts with sandals. I think
    moving to Los Angeles is my best bet!lol. Additionally, I finally found a jacket that fits good and it’s camp. It’s actually, my first time wearing camo and I must admit that it’s exciting because of the fact that this jacket fits so nice. I knew that once I saw on the fashionnova site I was gonna love it. I’ve never been to crazy about camo but the style and the pockets is my ultimate favorite. This is one of my most casual outfits when I’m running errands in which is still girly but comfortable. Have you ladies ever worn camo? If so how  you ladies style it? Let me know link me to you profiles so I can see. Continue reading

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    Bombshell Vibes

    Fashionnova Satin Dress

    Hello lovelies,

    I’m so glad to be back. Sorry I’ve been away, but been working part-time and at the same time took a break to refresh my mind, body and soul. I needed to refresh my brain in order to produce better content and fabulous looks. One thing is that I love writing and connecting with brands as well as  networking. But it’s important to always take time to focus your time on other things of your life that needs attention.

    However, have you all noticed? I changed my hair color to a golden blond. How exciting and been working out a lot more in which I’m so loving. I feel amazing and healthy. I have a part-time job with a clothing store and that has me loosing some pounds as well. Ever since I turned 37 years old in December I needed to make changes to my diet just because of my gastro issues. So far I must really admit I am doing phenomenal and feeling like a million dollar baby! Ha… Moreover, I’m working so much more with other brands and one of them is fashionova, omg guys I’m really loving all of their clothes on which fits me so good. Continue reading

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    Pink Plush Sweater with Hoodie

    The Outfit: Sweater – Sheinofficial, Jeans – Old Navy (similar here), Boots – Vans

    Hello My loves and happy new year. I know I’ve been MIA, but all for good reasons, by working and shooting some photos of so many looks for the blog. I hope you’re all  enjoying the new year with new goals, dreams and ready to attack. As for me I am in a happy zone with life in general I’ve been feeling a lot happier with all the amazing opportunities coming my way. Its truth when they say maintain positive and look up to the universe in order to receive all the hearts desire. I know this is a fashion blog but i like to get real with you all about what life, current events and anything that can help us get forward,, why? because life will not be peaches and plums all the time. Continue reading

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    Faux Fur in Pink

    The Outfit: Faux Fur Jacket – Zaful, Jeans – Old Navy, Shoes – Nine west (links Below)

    There are many things that can vamp up a women’s closet and off course as we been narrowing down some items, faux fur jackets look great with many outfits of any kind. I got his pretty fur baby from Zaful and I honestly cannot lie that its beautiful in so many ways. Off course i combined it with a favorite pair of my pink shoes from Nine West to bring out the color and style. I find that jeans with faux fur jackets provide such a women appeal in ways where you can still stay warm, stylish and chic. This is time of the year where many of us women want to look our best and sometimes we want to opt for something more extravagant than a regular bomber, dust jacket or coat. My focus for you ladies is to show you many ways of wearing a certain item but still remaining true to your style.

    I honestly love fur but I love animals so faux fur it is. However, since the holidays are around the corner I know I love simplicity while still eating everything, ha; but in all reality adding pieces to your wardrobe provides many ways of styling and feeling great. Also, faux fur does not need to be expensive, just a good fit. I will link some of choice for you guys to look at and maybe purchase for your fun styles. Therefore, no matter what you do this season, keep in mind faux fur does not go out of style and matching it with jeans, a small pair of heels and a blouse makes it worthwhile. Finally, I went out to dinner with the love to celebrate all the good things in our life’s and this outfit was that and more. Do you lovelies love faux fur? How about Blush Pink? how do you match it? Let me know, I am so interested. Thank you for stopping by.
    Continue reading

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    Couple Style For The Fall

    Fall Style

    The Outfit: Skirt – Forever 21 (similar here), Hat – Street vendor (similar here), – Sweater Vintage, Shoes – Nine west, Men Style – Bonobos

    There something about burgundy that makes me crazy because of how amazing it looks when worn. Any color added to burgundy will definitely reflect in ways you would could not imagine. Also, I love that fall is back because i get to wear some of my favorite colors and garments like sweaters. Not forgetting that I love wearing any color in the fall because i feel its how you style it, but its a different season. Additionally, I wanted to integrate how some of my men can look handsome with burgundy and neutral colors. if you have  your lover why not pair one another with similar colors outfits to bring out your fashion and style for the season. I for one feel that hats provide a different look all around as well as leather skirts. You do not have to wear pants, you can just be versatile with you’re outfits. The same goes for you’re partner, he can wear neutral pants and a burgundy sweater to vibe off one another. This will honestly finish any look, less is more.

    I just love the change of seasons where new air and style comes in. Don’t you guys agree? I wanted to show you guys a different way to wear your outfits but with a hat. I feel this is one of the must have trends you could always use in which will look vibrant and different. Im all about versatility because it shows difference in who you are. Moreover, accessories make a women’s style very upbeat, specially when you use your own imagination. Also If you haven’t already, check out this page to discover more neutral and/or Fall color pants for the man in your life. It’s all how you both can put the style together that will make it pop

    However, I bought this hat from a vendor in the streets for $10 dollars, and the skirt from Forever 21 for $15 and you will not believe that this vintage sweater was $12 dollars in a flea market. Its superb because I love a bargain. Remember our motto spend less and look beautiful in pieces that make you look super expensive. Im loving the less expensive things in life and style should not be so complicated. Men need good pieces and below I have added how to style for the fall for you and your hubby. Hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know what you think. if you have a suggestion let me know, also tag me on how you dress each other for the fall. Thank you for reading. 

    Photographer AJ Visuals.
    xo, Love2bcouture.