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          The Look: Jeans – Marshall’s, Button Down – Dash Posh Boutique, Shoes – Marshall’s

Happy Monday Dolls, I know, I’ve been away but I was in Florida for Swim Fashion Week. I will put that post soon. so many good things coming for Love2bcouture and for now we keep under wraps. However, how are you guys, how is everything going? as for me is great, I just Reached 100k on instagram woooohooooo! Ive been working so hard and it was not easy. The algorithm and all, but you just have to believe in your craft. Also, I have lots of pictures to post to you guys, I feel I’m evolving with my looks and outfits. I love a bit of change when you start loving other styles. Its been so nice in NYC since i got back and wearing my jeans and a blouse feels great and i know you all agree with me when I say that. How are you guys enjoying the  cool weather? I prefer it just like this less humidity because the jeans go on without a problem.  Additionally, this shirt is so comfy from Dash Posh Boutique and its so soft.

Also, my shoes are from Marshall’s and they are perfect. No they are not Valentino but they are are less expensive and still looks great. I wanted to show you guys that you can vary your looks for less and still look good and comfortable. One thing is never spend money that you can’t; even though I am crazy about really big brands and I always say spend on a good shoe but not all the time, get my drift? 😉  Its all about the balance and variations. Moreover, I’ve been in a comfortable state of mind because of the run arounds I have to do and jeans becomes my go to. Also, remember those times I had rants about not finding jeans, well Marshall’s has been so good to me, these are curvy jeans and it flattens the tummy, oh my gosh I am so happy and will buy some more! I just want to thank you all for being there and being amazing as always! Thank you for reading, Chow! Love2bcouture, xoxo!

Photographer AJ Visuals
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