#NYFW – Hakan Akkaya Fall 17

Hakan Akkaya –
So many things to say about Hakan Akkaya and where do I start? Well ladies lets talk about this designer who is edgy, fun and sexy all in one. I love love the way his collection started. look above you, the detail and how he presents the sexiness in a women. Hakan has been designing clothes for 16 years. he is talented in every angle you can think off. Even though you see a lot of black you can see some shine to everything he puts together. Honestly, this room was full of all kinds of people from around the world. now who said snow was gonna stop anyone from enjoying his show. I want you guys to see for yourselves. Also note to think outside of the box, when they put together these collections, they focus on bringing a festive, sexy, minimalist attire to the world.

Its okay to be sexy with taste. This was my first time watching his fashion show and I must I like every piece presented. Now for my gents, you do not stay behind, he provided some edgy styles as well. pretty simple funky looks. I saw lots of leather caps and back packs. The high platform boots for men were pretty fancy yet not overboard. Step Into some fun designs and tell me what you guys think. I love your opinions. Let me know. Thank you for reading, Love2bcouture!!

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