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    Chic Bohemian Look

    Chic Bohemian Style

    The Look: Skirt – H&M (similar here), Espadrille – TJ Maxx (similar here), Jean Shirt – Marshall’s – (similar here) , Necklace – Forever 21

    I’ve been static about wearing dresses and skirts again now that spring has arrived. the weather has been  kind of an uneven with cold and hot. Oh mother nature, come on we need heat, haha! Even though the weather shouldn’t have an effect on what we wear, for me its a huge deal. But i find that the hotter it gets, the easier it is to wear less layers, yayyyy! Also, i have numerous long skirts like this one but the turquoise is by far my favorite. I have a new found color. Do you guys have a favorite couple of colors? If so what it is? Moreover, I bought it from H & M for $10 on sale last summer and its now I come to wear it. The Bohemian Chic look is fun when you can add your own pieces to make it stand out.  Right now skirts like these are perfect to wear because its not that hot to wear shorts nor sandals, but good enough for a for long skirt. However, Theres this store I buy a lot of stuff from online called Boohoo, they have a couple of nice colors and inexpensive and right theres a 50% off but hurry its almost over. Also, theres something about jean shirts that looks amazing when worn in this way, do you ladies agree? As for shoes lets not leaving behind the espadrille nude tie up shoes; they are so comfortable. 

    I bought these in TJ Maxx for $19.99 and they are so comfy to walk all day. I dont see any more in there store but no worries I found a pair from Mango similar to mine. Remember to always have a pair of nude espadrilles in there closet to be able to diversity your looks from time to time. I love heels and sandals but these tie up have a different appeal when worn. Additionally, I was asked many times about my Egyptian Necklace in which I bought at Forever 21 for $8 Dollars, Yass girls I love bargains because it really helps the pockets, lets be real. They have little sales here and there, just be on the look out. I hope I was able to provide my look in a cheaper way for you guys because I’ve been asked a lot of where i get my items, so i usually link in the look for you all. But tell me how you guys like this look, let me know your opinions, lets have a convo. Enjoy your night everyone, Thank you for reading, xo Love2bcouture!

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    Chic Bohemian Style

     Photography By AJ Visuals

    Fashion, Featured, Johanna Daily Style

    Nude Tones and Leopard Shoes

    Nude tones and Leopard Shoes
                   You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well try what you do             want.” ― Jim Carrey

    Hello Darlings and Happy Tuesday!Everything these days is about color, nudes and prints. These combinations make the best out of any outfit. The reason being is because it looks so good together. if thats what you can wear on a daily basis, oh believe many others will endure. I for one thank you guys for your comments on Instagram, your attention to detail and dedication for me to keep growing. I really enjoy you guys and love how much we are growing each and everyday. Lately, I’ve been really focusing more and more on how to make this blog much better and fun. I always say little quote’s to inspire, funny joke that go along way and or anything that can help anyone cope with life.  I say this because many read my blog looking for enlightenment. 

    As I always say we all have in between days but being grateful takes you many places. No matter whats going on in your life, get up, get dressed and show up. Put your best foot forward because it will take you many places. Therefore, when it comes to style and outfits its not easy knowing what to wear, it might seem easy because my outfits can vary from dark to bright. its always the way I’m feeling. These Mustard Yellow Pants are super comfortable from Old Navy in which are now $27.00 from $34. Additionally, the bag is from a thrift shop in Long Island and its vintage, the price you would not believe was only $10 dollars with ticket and the sunglasses from Forever 21 for $7 Dollars; that makes me excited, haha!!Also, I love to express how I feel through my wardrobe. Therefore, I was feeling very powerful and fierce when I wore this outfit because i woke up loving the weather and life on its own. I had brunch with a friend and family to then enjoy the park with my daughter. As mother nature changes I change my style and how i want to look. Do you guys tend to feel the same way? How do you choose your wardrobe is it by mood or just by picking any outfit? Let me know I would love to hear your input. Thank you for reading, Xo Love2bcouture!

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    The Look: Pants – Old Navy Pixie, Shoes – Steve Madden (similar here), Bag – Vintage Austin Design, Sunglasses – Forever 21 (similar here)

    Nude Outfits

    Photographer : AJ Visuals

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    Victoria Beckham Dress for Target

    Target Style
    Victoria Beckham has launched her line of clothing for Petite and Plus size at Target. I must admit the prices are reasonable and it ranges from 30 to 50 dollars or more. The material is even more valuable because it stretches and the fit is really amazing. This black dress  is really my favorite because of the flower in the middle. It’s so unique and I am so happy to wear it. Also, I love the hem in the bottom of the dress. I added these tie up shoes from Old Navy. You can also find a similar pair at Amazon. Victoria really rocked this collection and I need to get my hands on the rest of the garments. Additionally, her color palette on this collection pops with elegance. I fell you ladies would love it and you can wear for any event or a day with family.

    You all Victoria Beckham is know for being classy and very sophisticated. Her style usually ranges from pop to black and sheer. I love the fact that this collection brings in nothing but a stunning appeal for all women. Im always in the market to wear clothes that fits amazing. Ladies, if you get a chance go to target and take a look. Oh not to forget she also made some dress for the little folks; so that you can both be styling together. Thank you Victoria for this collection, I am obsessed and now i have a whole new designer to really look forward to. Moreover, As you all know I attended the NY Auto  Press event and this was my look for the night. It was a hit. 
    Thank you for reading, Xo Love2bcouture!
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    The Look: Dress – Victoria Beckham For Target, Shoes – Old Navy (similar here) , 
    Bag – Dash Posh Boutique
    Victoria Beckham Dress

     Photographer: AJ Visuals
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    New York International Auto Show Event

    New York International Auto Show

    I have such a passion for cars of fall kinds. I consider myself fast and furious because I like speed, leather interior, luxury and riding in style. Also, an economy car goes along way because you want to save money in every way possible. However, Last night I attended a Press Event for The Ny Car Auto Show filled with so many people from Celebrities and Influencers like myself coming together to basically celebrate a safe, luxury and less expensive cars. Most of times we think oh I want to ride in style and what most do not understand is you can with all the New Models of Toyota, Mazda and Genesis USA coming into play.
    I honestly was impressed with the Toyota Camry because they are good to save. The inside is more spacious, wide, removable and comfortable. I know many ladies are into the luxury yet comfortability. I honestly never liked a Toyota until last night that I fell In LOVE with everything it has to offer. I wanted to drive out these cars off the Show hahah!!I kept saying that in my Instastory. I am know a fan because of there updates and body style. However, the Ny Auto Show is open to the public from the 14th to the 23rd of this month. Guys go enjoy it and go see the Mazdas, Toyota Camry’s and The Genesis. Its to die for.  Read more Below and look at the Awesomeness!

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    Stylish Outft

    The Look: Jeans – Old Navy (similar here), Jacket – Dash Posh Boutique, Love2bcouture Shirt – Dash Posh Boutique, Sneakers – Adidas Originals

    One of the things I love is authenticity and uniqueness because being yourself is better than anything in this world. I always feel that being “Best Dressed” can you take you any where. Now, always know that best dressed does not require you to be glam in heels, you can be your best in sneakers and jeans, Lets be honest about that; not everyone can deal with high heels and full makeup and I am one of those people that loves when anyone women can be Chic in anything she wears.

    You ladies know I like to show you many different ways to own your outfits but maintaining true to who you are and style. Therefore, this shirt is one of my collections on Dash Posh Boutique. Also, The back round definitely played a role because it makes the whole outfit stand out more. A little graffiti does not hurt nobody. However, lately it depends on how the days are because I wear my casual and comfy styles while I do all my errands. But as the weather gets a lot better I will take out my pretty sandals and dresses to play. I like to make sure you guys understand that its okay to be dressed in ways you want not how others expect you to look, plus that would not be fun. Always love your body, remember its your temple. I hope you’re all enjoying these beautiful days of spring. Thank you for reading, Xo Love2bcouture!

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