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    Fierce Outfit

      The Look: Dress – Dash Posh Boutique (right here), Shoes – Adrienne Vitadinni (similar here), Faux Faur Shawl – Asos, Necklace – Foreve21, Lipstick – Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

    One of the things I love is wearing a fierce dress with accessories that can make the outfit pop. Over a a month ago I went to a Sweet 16 and off course I needed something classic and sexy. I wore the dress from my Boutique since it was from the new collection. It was like love at first sight. You ladies know I love nothing but bright colors but the details of this dress is really beautiful. Therefore, I paired it with this shawl from Asos I bought a bit back. Mind you is my first time wearing it and I could not stop starring at how beautiful this colored Faux Fur is. Hopefully I can find this next winter for my shop. Additionally, red low heel pumps provide nothing but elegance and off course I cannot live without my Kylie Jenner Lipsticks, they make me so complete. 

    I always tell my curvy ladies not to be scared to try different dresses, shoes and accessories that will make you look beautiful. I love myself and when I find an outfit that can show that off, I become obsessive with clothing. ha! The life of a blogger. However, I had a blast that night and received amazing compliments on this look. You guys know that before anything I need to snap those pictures. No matter what you ladies do make sure you always add color to a black dress and a red lip. There is so much fierceness when its added. It really makes your outfit pop to the fullest. Therefore lovelies, make sure to always be you and stay true to your style. But also never be scared to add lovely accessories that can make you’re look stand out. Tell me what you think? I love your feedbacks, let me know.! Thank you for reading, xoxo Love2bcouture!

    Fashion, Featured, Johanna Daily Style, NYFW, OOTD

    NYFW Look In Vibrant Yellow

        The Look: Dress – Asos (similar here), Boots – Nine West (similar here), Coat – Vintage, Clutch – Dash Posh Boutique

    As fashion week has fully ended in New York, My looks this year varied from bright and dark with multiple pop colored clutch in which gave my looks lots of personality. This mustard yellow dress is from Asos in which I wore for Day 2 of fashion week. It was perfect with high boots since i was running around from show to show. It was so difficult to try and change because the shows were all in manhattan and I live on another borough. However, thats why I went for comfortability instead of high heels where it would be to much. The weather also was not cooperating since it had snowed and the floors were  slushy. But nothing we I cant handle.

     I went with what would be stylish and chic at the same time. Also, there was a lot of bright colors on the runway this year and I definitely wanted to reflect that within my wardrobe for you guys. I must admit I love color, specially yellow because it brings out the color in us women. Nothing better than a vibrant look to attend the shows. How you guys enjoyed some of my post? I am doing the recaps of  all my favorite looks. They are also in my instagram if you guys want to see a video. But thank you all for reading and being so amazing. xoxo love2bcouture!

     Images By AJ Visuals
    Fashion, Featured, Johanna Daily Style, NYFW, OOTD

    NYFW Look Day 1: Black And Fur

       The look: Pants – Nordstrom, Blouse – American Apparel, Fur, – Nordstrom, Booties  Inc, Rubiks         Cube Clutch – Dash Posh Boutique
    Since the first day of Fashion Week New York, Ive been running around with many different shows. Luckily I’ve had a nice gap in The time to attend all of them. I must admit this season, there was a lot of black wear as well very hip, edgy and kind of punk rock. for the first day i decided to go with an black Blouse, Leggings and booties.

    I wanted to add a pop color so my Rubiks Cue literally stole the show. It was perfect in every way. It had every single color to make it stand out the way I desired. Its so unique and beautiful with enough space to fit my camera, lipsticks, gum and chargers. Additionally,  had a blast and I attended a couple of shows that morning starting with the Clarkson Station at 10am. Moreover, the weather was out of this world in which I needed to be in a more comfortable wear. It was manageable and simple but very feminine. Hope you ladies enjoyed some of my post of some of the shows, of you would like to see a lot of clips come to my instagram in which is packed with so much fashion videos and pictures. Enjoy, Thank you all for reading, xoxoxo Love2bcoture!!!


    #NYFW – Hakan Akkaya Fall 17

    Hakan Akkaya –
    So many things to say about Hakan Akkaya and where do I start? Well ladies lets talk about this designer who is edgy, fun and sexy all in one. I love love the way his collection started. look above you, the detail and how he presents the sexiness in a women. Hakan has been designing clothes for 16 years. he is talented in every angle you can think off. Even though you see a lot of black you can see some shine to everything he puts together. Honestly, this room was full of all kinds of people from around the world. now who said snow was gonna stop anyone from enjoying his show. I want you guys to see for yourselves. Also note to think outside of the box, when they put together these collections, they focus on bringing a festive, sexy, minimalist attire to the world.

    Its okay to be sexy with taste. This was my first time watching his fashion show and I must I like every piece presented. Now for my gents, you do not stay behind, he provided some edgy styles as well. pretty simple funky looks. I saw lots of leather caps and back packs. The high platform boots for men were pretty fancy yet not overboard. Step Into some fun designs and tell me what you guys think. I love your opinions. Let me know. Thank you for reading, Love2bcouture!!


    #NYFW – Dan Liu Collection Fall 17

                                                  Dan Liu Collection –

    Fashion Week New York has started full in effect and I couldn’t be any happier. Also, my schedule has been hectic with 18 shows and counting. But guess what I attend each and everyone of them with a smile because I love clothes, fashion and the new season with gorgeous designers that work an entire year to show the public.  Therefore, I attended the amazing Dan Liu Show  and I swear ladies this man can make sophisticated, chic and funky clothes. I was loving every single design on the models in the runway. I loved the fact that any one can wear his designs. Its supposed to make every women feel beautiful, confident and vibrant.
    Additionally, he opened the Fashion Show with an act of like a mime dancing sort Ballet in which was Beautiful with a sense art to it. He also, sung at the end in which to me was pretty epic. The collection is full of sophistication and if you are the type of woman who loves simplicity yet nothing but elegance, step into Dan Liu Designs and Feel the vibe. I love and will get my hands in his designs because theres nothing I love more than a collection that can be diversified in ways that can give you awesomeness all around. But lets Show you guys some fun styles. look below and enjoy this seasons collection. New York Fashion Week Fall 2017. Day 2.

                                                     Images By : Johanna – Love2bcouture

    Fashion, Johanna Daily Style, OOTD

    What To Wear On Valentines

    valentines outfit

       The look: Dress – Dash Posh Boutique (link here), Shoes – Mossimo (similar here) Lipstick – Kylie Birthday Edition

    Valentines is a time when you can look your best when going out for dinner. This is the day where you can wear all the reds you want. I always feel like it’s a day where you can do what you  love most and wear outfits that fit the occasion. There’s a lot happening on the 14th from dinners, parties and other festivities. However, I know most will be going with with there Boyfriends or girlfriend. Therefore why not wear something sexy for the night and wow your significant other with a sexy red dress and heels. You can’t never go wrong when you wear something more sensual and bright. The city of ny always has so much bars, clubs and dinners being hosted for the lovely couples. Also, if love is not in the air, then you can wear this outfit with your girl squad in which will make it worthwhile. No matter what you do or where you go a dress with heels will definitely make your night oh so hot. Don’t forget the purpose in which is a friendship and love day. Also, I got together with my friends who are bloggers, you can follow the link up. we also have nice giveaway happening. Go enter and enjoy. Thank you for reading lovelies. xo Love2bcouture!

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