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    Stylish Outft

    The Look: Jeans – Old Navy (similar here), Jacket – Dash Posh Boutique, Love2bcouture Shirt – Dash Posh Boutique, Sneakers – Adidas Originals

    One of the things I love is authenticity and uniqueness because being yourself is better than anything in this world. I always feel that being “Best Dressed” can you take you any where. Now, always know that best dressed does not require you to be glam in heels, you can be your best in sneakers and jeans, Lets be honest about that; not everyone can deal with high heels and full makeup and I am one of those people that loves when anyone women can be Chic in anything she wears.

    You ladies know I like to show you many different ways to own your outfits but maintaining true to who you are and style. Therefore, this shirt is one of my collections on Dash Posh Boutique. Also, The back round definitely played a role because it makes the whole outfit stand out more. A little graffiti does not hurt nobody. However, lately it depends on how the days are because I wear my casual and comfy styles while I do all my errands. But as the weather gets a lot better I will take out my pretty sandals and dresses to play. I like to make sure you guys understand that its okay to be dressed in ways you want not how others expect you to look, plus that would not be fun. Always love your body, remember its your temple. I hope you’re all enjoying these beautiful days of spring. Thank you for reading, Xo Love2bcouture!

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    Fashion, Featured, Johanna Daily Style, OOTD

    Rihanna Fenty Sneakers X Puma and Pink

    Rihanna Fenty Sneakers X Puma

    The Look: Jacket – Dash Posh Boutique, Sneakers – Rihanna Fenty Sneakers By Puma
    Jeans – Old Navy(similar here), Shirt – HM, Braided Watch – Dash Posh Boutique

    Hey Dolls, Happy Saturday! I’m so happy that these days are starting to look up where the weather is a lot better. Finally I can wear a lighter jacket and my favorite  Rihanna Fenty Sneakers by Puma. They are just the best ever. Now you guys know my craziness with pink and off course I needed to have them. They fit really good where I bought a half size smaller. I usually wear a size 9 in sneakers and 10 in shoes. But these are just perfect. Also the satin material really makes this sneaker so much more desirable and honestly I did not want to take them off, Ha!

    However, if you guys get a chance get them because they are everything and more. Also, my bomber Jacket is from Dash Posh Boutique and its the right girl to girl power jacket I swear. The Jackets patches really provides a bit Edgy Chic. Additionally, this outfit is spring all around specially since bombers are so in right now. At the same pink is just enlightening and amicable color, dont you guys agree? Do you guys Rihanna’s new collection? have you tried buying or wearing any of her items? Let me know I would love your opinions. Enjoy your weekend and Thank you for reading, xoxo love2bcouture!

    Fashion, Featured, Johanna Daily Style, OOTD


    spring trend

        The Look: Jacket – Metaphor -Sears, Joggers – Philosophy (similar) Espadrilles – TJ Maxx/Romena (similar here), Shirt    Dash Posh Boutique

    One of my favorite weekend looks are Joggers, a Jacket and some Espadrilles. They are the perfect combination. Also, the light pink color is beautiful for this time of year since its spring. I was dying to wear this outfit. I planned a nice birthday weekend for my other half in which was a success. I did some light shopping, Dinner and movies to see Beauty And The Beast. It was everything. I wanted to be comfortable yet stylish and Chic. Lots of gals asked about the outfit and off course I love giving information because as I always say sharing is caring.

    Additionally, I bought these amazing espadrilles at T.J. Maxx for $29 dollars and its a steal. It has a little wedge and they are super comfortable. Moreover, Sears in queens center mall is closing so I bought this jacket at 90% off from 100 to 18. Now you ladies know sales are great to revamp your spring/summer clothing because the cheaper the price the better it is; you get more for the buck. Lately, Ive asked about my weight dropping a bit and I wanted to share with guys that I am not allowed to eat red meat or sodas. The reason because my stomach cannot deal with it which puts me in pain. Therefore I have a month eating healthy foods and already dropped some pounds without really trying. I feel better, no pain and much more motivated with everything around me. All positive vibes ladies. as always stay true to your style. Thank you for reading, xoxo Love2bcouture!

    spring style

    Fashion, Featured, Johanna Daily Style, OOTD

    Casual, Comfortable and Chic

    Casual, comfortable and chic

    The Look: Pants – Old Navy (here), Shoes – Old Navy (similar here), Shirt – Dash Posh Boutique, (here) Bag – Vintage, Necklace – Dash Posh Boutique (here)
    Hey Loves, Happy Tuesday! Can you believe this month is almost done, is like we just started and its  the second day of spring. Off course I had to bring some colors out that can be bright but not so crazy yet. Purple is really the right amount of color we need to feel revived. However, I wore this outfit to a friends dinner party at a restaurant. I had to work at the office so I kept it Casual, Comfortable and chic. All Three C’s, Ha! I love how it plans out; mind you I’ve never really worn purple within my wardrobe I actually think its the first time. I must admit it looks good with black. Also, these are like office pants and the only way to make it look chic, I added The necklace, the tie up shoes for a better pop style and my bag,.

    I know most of you hardly see me with a bag but I have to really love it in order to photograph it. So let me tell you that I really love this bag because I found at a thrift shop in Long Island for $8 Dollars and the funny part is that the bag is vintage and the price was so right. Also the leather is really good. It kind of reminds like the Chanel bags a bit because of the designs. Additionally, the tie up shoe is love at first sight from old navy, they literally made my day with the comfortability of this shoe and I bought them on sale for $10 dollars. Lately, I’ve been scoring some good deals lately and I honestly can’t contain my hands oh my, the shopping continues. ! How are you ladies doing? how you feel about these shoes? do you have a pair? do you ladies shop at thrift shops? Let me know I would love to know your places of fun items to find. Thank you for reading, xo Love2bcuture!

    Stylish Babes

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    Fashion, Featured, Johanna Daily Style, OOTD

    Suede Brown Dress

    Suede Outfit

    The Look: Suede Dress with Necklace (similar here) – Ashley Stewart, Boots -Nine West (similar here) Watch – Michael Kors (similar here)
    Theres nothing more satisfying than this dress. I finally got around the crazy snow and shot this look. The dress is everything specially the material because its suede and its so  soft. Luckily it wasn’t so cold but I’m in love with how it fits. I’ve never worn clothes from Ashley Stewart and this is actually my first time buying from them. At times I’m guilty of keeping it safe where I like to wear Brands that I know of hand the size and fit, but I decided to have some online confidence and bought this lovely piece in which was on sale for $15 dollars. If you guys only knew how much I over guessed whether to buy it or not.

    But I made a good choice because its a piece I will wear in different ways.  What I love the most is that it slims my waist a bit in which its perfect because I have some dresses that do not compliment the curves and I literally never wear it again. I will definitely will buy myself some more Ashley Stewart dresses and other items. However, since the weather has not been all that great I haven’t been in the mood to shoot with the streets full of snow. But like they say the show must go on. I put on my dress and had an awesome dinner with my other half in which I really needed. As you all know I shoot my pictures like an 1 hour before sun down and when I go out, only me, I tell you fashionably late always. Ha! Well Hope you all are enjoying another cozy weekend. Thank you for reading, Love2bcouture xoxo!

      Images By AJ Visuals