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    What To Wear On Valentines

    valentines outfit

       The look: Dress – Dash Posh Boutique (link here), Shoes – Mossimo (similar here) Lipstick – Kylie Birthday Edition

    Valentines is a time when you can look your best when going out for dinner. This is the day where you can wear all the reds you want. I always feel like it’s a day where you can do what you  love most and wear outfits that fit the occasion. There’s a lot happening on the 14th from dinners, parties and other festivities. However, I know most will be going with with there Boyfriends or girlfriend. Therefore why not wear something sexy for the night and wow your significant other with a sexy red dress and heels. You can’t never go wrong when you wear something more sensual and bright. The city of ny always has so much bars, clubs and dinners being hosted for the lovely couples. Also, if love is not in the air, then you can wear this outfit with your girl squad in which will make it worthwhile. No matter what you do or where you go a dress with heels will definitely make your night oh so hot. Don’t forget the purpose in which is a friendship and love day. Also, I got together with my friends who are bloggers, you can follow the link up. we also have nice giveaway happening. Go enter and enjoy. Thank you for reading lovelies. xo Love2bcouture!

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    All in the Blue’s


          The Look: Kimono- HM (similar here), Pants – Marshalls (similar her) , Boots – Franco Sarto, Sunnies – Dash Posh Boutique

    Lately, I’ve been so in a hurry just to wear spring clothes and colors. Even though I don’t pay attention to the seasons it’s really hard not to be able to be in lighter clothing since it’s cold. So I put together my clothing in the night because I always feel it’s so much easier. But in the midst of it all I end up choosing all my lighter colors and sunglasses to look my best. But I honestly wish we can skip all this cold and jump right into the 65 to 70 degree weather. I have a full closet of nice things and I just want to be looking dolled up, lol.

    However, I love kimonos because they are the ultimate easy cover up when it’s cold out and you need your outfit to pop. I always opt for a bright one with different prints on which helps me feel more vibrant. Also,  I have a whole bunch of black pants from every material so I just wear them all. Also, I added these sunnies from Dash Posh Boutique in which are the spring collection. Aren’t they so sheek? It really has so much personality to give when worn. However, how is everyone doing ? How about that football game it was on point and lady Gaga performance was good as well. Let me know how you guys spent it, would love to know. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway to win $100 gift card towards a watch on my last post. Thank you for reading and enjoy. Xoxo love2bcouture!

                                                                         Images by AJ Visuals
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    Edgy Style With My JORD Watch


    The Look: Pants – New York and Co, Jacket – (Dashposhboutique), Sneakers – Adidas, Watch – Jord Wood Watches (right here)

    I’ve always had an obsession for watches of every kind. One of the main things I love is combining my looks with a nice watch. Throughout the years I’ve collected so many watches where they’ve become my babies and without it my arms feel so naked.(lol) But honestly its beautiful to be able to wear different kinds of watches from all kinds of brands. Additionally, I have collaborated with an amazing watch company called JORD Wood Watches. First and foremost lets talk about how unique they are with every piece made. The quality is to die for, you have a variety of options of how you want your watch to look. But not only does the watch wow anyone around the world, JORDS packaging and the box it comes in is made with excellency all around;  it has a drawer to put away maybe jewelry of your own and a watch cleaner for it to last. Additionally, this watch company has great values in sustainability and efficiency.
    Not leaving behind how unique they are even with the colors they make. I really appreciate this brand in ways where I want all of there different color watches for my collection. Ooohh lalala! I have the Frankie – Ebony and Gold Watch and am really head over heals for it. At the same time I honestly feel you guys will love it. Now you ladies know theres no fun if i cant style this babd boy. Therefore, I wore a basic pair of jeans, a bomber jacket and sneakers for a more edgy look. The watch is already quirky and its all me and off course my outfit needed to be nothing but that. Ha! Now that I have this watch it will be worn numerous times because I have someone new to love ☺. 

    Valentines Day is just around the corner and these watches make a perfect gift for your loved one!! So,Get your $25 coupon at JORD WATCHES by clicking on this link  Enter Here Giveaway and one person will win a $100 Gift Card towards a watch of your choice. Enter your (Name and email) Its impossible not fall in love with their incredible timepieces! 

    Enter here Giveaway The Giveaway is until 2/19. Lets go ladies and gents you can save on a gift for him or her.

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     Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. However, All opinions are my own

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    Casual OOTD


         The Look: Jeans – Old Navy (similar here), sweater – Old Navy (similar here) Booties – Bamboo, Necklace – Hm

    Lately, I’ve been loving the way Baby Blue looks on. I feel it is such a beautiful spring color. Even though its winter the sweater and the color was appropriate for the day since it was so beautiful. Also, the jeans provides the perfect combination because the gray lets the blue pop on its own. I honestly loved this casual outfit today. Additionally, I can’t seem to find the right pair of jeans for some reason, I’m starting to feel like its not the season. I really want some sexy jeans like these.
    I swear guys I am so stuck to these. Do you ladies have a favorite pair of jeans that you cannot get rid of? Do you ladies know where can I find really nice, boot cut jeans? Let me know i’m interested. Also, did you guys know that this years colors are blue in different shades in which will play a big part in your wardrobe. Fashion week is almost here and seeing the Paris fashion week its really moving towards our way with those lovely colors. However, I did so much today while running errands, I’m really trying to establish all of my business things on time. No matter what you do I feel that comfortability is everything and thats why jeans and sweaters are so amazing to wear when doing your errands. But always remember no matter what you wear stay true to your style, remember its all you. Love you gals and thank you for reading, XO Love2bcouture!

                                                                        Image By AJ Visuals

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    Grey Sweater and Ripped Jeans

    Grey Sweater and Ripped Jeans
    The Look: Jeans – Old Navy (similar here), Sweater – Dash Posh Boutique (right here) Booties – Franco Sarto(similar here)
    These couple of days has been very nice out. I really can’t believe how comfortable it is to be able to just wear a sweater and a light jacket. I’m feeling as if we will be having an early spring. In which I know would make many of us so happy to actually have right? Additionally, I been working around the clock lately, where I’ve been putting together a lot more post to put with my outfits. As the weather gets better I go out more and I start taking a lot more pictures in which makes me very excited. 

    Also, January is almost done and fashion week will soon be approaching. Exciting. However, I went out to eat with my family and also did some shopping. I wore a chic outfit but comfortable enough to do fun things. Moreover, I’m in love with the way white jeans look around this time of  year, it just shines. As always do not worry about the seasons, just wear what you like and stay true to your style. it will take you far believe me. How you guys feeling? How was your weekend? Do you lovelies wear white jean in mid winter and if so how do you wear them? link me your post i would love to know.
     Thank you for reading, Love2bcouture!

    Fashion, Featured, Johanna Daily Style, OOTD

    Olive Green Vest X Puma Sneakers

    Plus Size Outfit


             The look: Sneakers – Puma (Similar here), Leggings – Lola (similar here), Vest – Old Navy (similar here ), Sweater – Forever 21

    Lately, Ive been so mesmerized by the color Olive Green. I really feel its a winter color that can be matched perfectly if you just find the right outfit. Keep in mind I am crazy about brighter colors because it makes me feel so good. But since this year has been raining and snowing I feel i needed to stick to a favorite. However, casual wear makes me feel so amazing on sunday’s because its the only time I can say I have no worries about anything. remember you always need to balance your wardrobe from time to time.
    As I said before you can be glam every time if you want but its always good to show others that you can be yourself by wearing your favorite items. I tell you ladies, my favorite is sneakers and leggings because I can run a marathon, ha! Now that Puma has been releasing so many different color suede sneakers I want every single color there is and that would make me so happy I swear. however, this was my Christmas gift from my love and I really appreciate them. Oh the life of a fashionista. I’m not going to lie i need  a Bigger house with closets just to fit all my babies, MY SHOES. lol! Additionally, I bought this vest in old navy for a wooping $6 dollars  woohoo and the richie rich sweater from forever 21 as an exclusive with a free Iphone case. i really just love bargains and remember ladies you can look so good on a budget. How u ladies spent your weekend? do you have a favorite color and how do you guys combine it?

    Thank you for reading, xo, love2bocouture!

    Images By AJ Visuals