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    Pim + Larkin Emerald Dress

    The Look: Dress- Pim + Larkim (similar here),  Shoes – BCBG (similar here), Clutch – INS Inc., (simialr here) Lipstick- Kylie Jenner – Mary Jo, Watch – Michael Kors
    One of best colors to wear to any event is a green dress. It really does it’s job when making any women look vibrant and beautiful. I was invited to see Rosenthal Tee, another upcoming designer and I decided to wear this dress in which was perfect.  Mind you I had this dress with the ticket for at Least 2 years in my closet. I just wanted the perfect time to wear it since I love it so much. I for one love wearing an outfit when the time is perfect and that fashion show was the best time.

    Also, the green is perfection at it’s best; the details in which has like knitted flowers gives this look a really romantic appeal. I decided to add a pair of nude shoes and this colorful clutch from a thrift shop for only $12 dollars. It was brand new when I bought it. Additionally, the colors on the clutch made the dress more inviting because of the different studs. Off course  I could not leave behind my Kylie Jenner lipstick called #Maryjo, it’s the perfect combination.   Always keep in mind it’s all about your personal style and what you feel flatters your body. As always wear what your curves love and not what others feel. Therefore, this look was worn on day 3 of fashion week and It was worth every minute. What you guys think of this outfit? Do ever wear green? What is your favorite colors in a dress? Let me know your input. As always thank you for reading, xoxo love2bcouture!!!

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    Polka Dot

    In my time of growing up, Polka Dots have been the number one hit for women. Even if other styles fade, polka dots, long mermaid skirts, long dresses and short tops in which are now considered crop tops have been really admired by every girl. Not only does it look good but it can go with anything you wear. At the same time showing some skin where is tasteful is definitely good because remember you should always honor your curves. Furthermore a vintage look is sexy yet elegant on any women of every size. This two piece is sexy and stylish with a touch of vintage in it because of the polka dots and the mermaid skirt . I must admit that Its really hard to get this look all in one piece and Fashionable Addictions

    Luxe definitely provides what every women loves a bit of love for every curve without any hesitation. Also, not leaving behind the stretch durable material in which is long lasting. Remember that’s always a must because we all love a snap back material for curvy bodies. In addition, I have collaborated with Fashionable Addictions Luxe and ladies when I say “OH MY she brang sexy back,” she did that. Each of her pieces are everything women love with a little more edge. Curvy Ladies visit her site Fashionable addictions luxe and see for yourself.

    *Since I know you lovely ladies would love to try it for yourselves, Here is a 10% Discount to an item of your choice.
    “Enjoy some of Fashion Addictions Luxe as well with a 10% off by “ Entering “ Love2bcouture” in the promotional box.
    Outfit Details: Two Piece Polka Dot from Fashionable Addictions Luxe / Shoes RFR/ Sunglasses Miu Miu
    *Disclosure: This Two piece was Provided by Fashionable Addictions Luxe, However all opinions are my own.*

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    Wild Style

    The Look: Forever 21 Dress / Breckell Sandals / YSL Sun Glasses/ HM Necklace

    Oh Forever 21 you have been blowing me away with your items. I swear every time I walk in, I see all these dresses and can’t resist. I love the netting of this dress because it so sheek. Also, you ladies know I am dress and skirt crazy. Since its almost summer, the stores are not really helping my addiction to the things I like. My poor closet is saying help help me. Lol! The necklace is from HM when I first started blogging and amazingly it still looks so good. 

    I bought it at a sale for only $5 dollars. My shopping Haul can be crazy, but as I always say you can dress tasteful on a budget. However, I went out Friday for some drinks and food in which this cute little black really fit in. In addition, I’m really feeling the way black dresses are fitting me. You guys know I’m a lover for color dresses but sometimes a little black can go along way. At the same time, it’s been very hot, so the nude sandals is a big help because it goes very well. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend even though is raining here in NYC. Thank you for reading, xoxo Love2bcouture!

    hm necklace - Forever 21 dress - YSL sunglasses - Breckells sandals
    Images By AJ Visuals

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    NYFW: Michael Costello Fall 2015

    Ever since Michael Costello was on project runway, I’ve been obsessed because he is really talented. Also, his way of designing has really left in the clouds because I really love his dresses made for Beyonce, Sheisdash and Ashanti. At the same time, its New York Fashion week and when I received the Invitation i was jumping joy because I really admire him and hopefully one day I get to wear one of his designs. Therefore, I attended the Fashion Show where he showed his upcoming Fall Designs in which is a mix of sexy and glam in my eyes. This show was full to capacity and one thing that was a bit hard was using my camera. But my iPhone soomed in very well. I am sure you ladies love sexy yet classy. Here is what I’m talking about ladies. Enjoy his looks straight from the Runway. 
    Thank you for Reading, xoxo Johanna

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    Vibrant Fit and Flare

    Dresses have a way to make every women feel gorgeous and you guys know that’s all me. Also, you can never go wrong with a fit and flare dress that can compliment your body and personality. At the same time, the colors are vibrant and enticing. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, from the pockets on the sides, to the style and the colors. Another great perk is being able to customize every single thing on the dress and I could not be any happier. When I say customize ladies, you can actually design the dress in any way you want it. Eshakti does this for you without a problem. Once you pick the dress, the next screens help customize how you want it. Isn’t that exciting? Well ladies, say yes to customize because Eshakti can answer your prayers when you are in need of this. I am the happiest gal right now. I love pockets, colors and comfort ability. Therefore, ladies this lovely collaboration with Eshakti has made me really excited because I know you will love it.  

     *Since I know you lovely ladies would love to try it for yourselves, Here is a 10% Discount to an item of your choice (Not Applicable on Clearance) Also, it can be used any number of times until the validity of period which is- march.*
    “Enjoy some customizing with Eshaki as well with the 10% off by “
    Entering “ Love2bcouture” in the promotional box.
    The Look: Dress c/o EshaktiShoes Old Navy,  Jacket  Jane Stuart, Lipstick Sephora Nars Pink

    Dresses is true to the size (Follow the Sizing Chart) “This Dress is not stretchy and the size is 16.

    Images By AJ Visuals

    *Disclosure: This Dress was Provided by Eshakti, However all opinions are my own.*
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    NYFW Look: Roberto Cavalli Dress

    The Look: Roberto Cavalli Dress, Vintage Coat, Johnson Turban, L’dor High Suede Boots, 

    Vintage Necklace

    Fashion week is always an amazing time. It’s very hard to get in to the shows unless you get an invitation and I am blessed beyond to be able to attend the shows. I am ecstatic as a blogger because I love clothes, colors, designers, networking and pictures. I feel we speak through pictures of what the person is showing to the world. I appreciate these times because I love to watch everyone’s creations of the clothes I want to wear.

     However, you have to dress the part as well, whether its comfortable, chic or sexy attire. For Michael Costello, I wore this Roberto Cavalli dress and a vintage coat. I love this look because its elegant and at the same time comfortable. Even though it was cold, I still managed to layer right under every single dress and or coat. Therefore, lovelies this look was such a favorite and today was the end of fashion. 
    until Next Season. Enjoy this look lovers,
     Thank you for reading.

    Images By AJ Visuals