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Angelic In White

            The Look: Old Navy Dress ( Similar here ) and Sandals (similar here) , Watch –                                                                       Michael Kors

white in the summer looks so beautiful because it makes my skin color look so vibrant. Also,I have so many new clothing in my closet in which I want to wear when the time is right. Specially after the heat wave we just had, I felt like I couldn’t survive. finally we have a little break and its gorgeous enough to wear all my appropriate and inappropriate clothes, lol. However, I purchased this dress in old navy and I could not stop thinking of all the ways i can wear it. It’s so refreshing and angelic.

Further more, I could not resist the went ahead and bought some more white dresses because I’m really loving the style and fit. Ladies, never be scared to wear a white dress because I feel it makes your curves look so much more amazing. Plus its all about celebrating your size at all times. I always say to just try it on and wear something like this style in which is a baby doll dress. It really flattens the stomach area and it provides the right amount of prettiness. I also feel that pairing it with brown or neutral sandals can make the dress pop more than anything. Additionally, adding really bright nails makes the dress even more summer time fine. Therefore ladies never be scared to try new styles and colors, you never know how fab you’ll look. Thank you all for reading, chow, Xo Johanna !!

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