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Boyfriend Look

Wearing; Old Navy Flirt Jeans, Pink Button down and Blazer, Skechers Oxfords

There are so many styles to try and I love to try them all because a different look lets you know what to like or not. Therefore, yesterday was one of those days where I decided to wear my own type of boyfriend look. Honestly, it’s lovely because it compliments my curves yet it has a bit of masculine to my look. One thing I adore is when you can have your own type of style and not follow others. But trying new things should always be on your radar no matter if others do not like it. Remember my motto, your unique, therefore create styles you love.
This one I can say is a favorite because it’s different from the feminine and office looks. When you ladies decide to wear a boyfriend look, always put together broken jeans, a pair of oxfords and Maybe a favorite blazer. You can finish your look with many other accessories like glasses. But I went with a more simple boyfriend look. Hope you all are keeping warm and watching lovely movies this Sunday night. xoxo!!

                                                                             Images By AJ Visuals

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