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Who loves cars? Do you have a favorite color and Enhancement you want to see? and Do you love a safe reliable car at its best? Well, let’s get ready because the New York International Auto Show is about to start its amazing event of lovely cars. Yayyy! I for one cannot stop obsessing about the new models, features, enhancements and many other fun things. Additionally, it’s the perfect time of the year to look for a favorite car to enjoy those summer nights. Who wouldn’t want to be in a car that economical to enjoy those weekend getaways with family and friends. every year the car show is truly one of the best events to attend with family or friends. Also, this is the best place to learn about cars that you want and maybe want to purchase. Even if you’re not up for buying at the moment but at least you get to learn everything they offer and enjoy some cool features added. However, I am hosting a Giveaway to gift four people a ticket to the show. Take a look below and don’t forget to enter our  the Giveaway Below for Tickets! GO

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Amada Restaurant Event #saborsmithfield

One of the best things in life is being able to eat foods in different ways. I for one love when you can incorporate different dishes to enjoy. Also, flavor is really important in any culture. The food needs attention and passion in order for it to taste good. As a young lady my family always told us to cook your food in peace and with love so that the person  that eats it will enjoy it.  Therefore, last night i attended an event at the Amada NYC Restaurant where  pork was served in different dishes with the flavors to hit the roof, when i say i was loving every meal, I’m telling you guys it was love at first sight. The owner was super personable, nice and sophisticated. The food was cooked in time and patience. Also,  it had enough flavor to nock you down your heels, ha!

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