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Comfortable Fall Style With Boots and Leggings

Easy to wear fall style
The look with Links: Marshall’s Leggings – Boots – (similar), Button Down Shirt – (similar)

I love when I can wear some leggings and boots because its about comfort. You guys can’t deny that there are times when overdressing is not in the agenda and some simple looks like this one is  worthy. I have so many different type of leggings in my closet and with long boots everything just seems right. Also, Button downs are great to wear for any women because not only does compliment your curves but its versatile then wearing it with jeans. I was out doing doing some errands and the easiest look you can put together is legging. at the same time it is fall approved; leggings go with everything and anything as long as is tasteful. You lovelies see me in all kinds of wear and I love to also show my less glam part of me. Lets talk about this, its okay of you feel that dressing over the extreme is in your means but at times is okay to really show others a simple outfit. Many of you love inspiration in outfits to wear and I feel that honesty is really important by the different outfits put together on my blog. I think about the reality of life and what outfits can go on the days you guys decide to wear it weather its dinner, birthdays, regular days and the time of errands. I don’t think anyone can run errands in full heels and glam. However, boots, leggings with a button down go really well now for the fall. Boots are such a great and important essential to have. I want to really hoard all the boots I can if my closet would allow me, ha! I am a big hoarder for shoes, booties and long boots of every kind. These obsessions are hard to turn off from time to time. But can make any outfit fun to wear.

Therefore ladies, I am so happy the weather has gotten cooler for me to
 be able to wear my clothes without sweating crazy because summer was to much for me this year. Fall is an awesome season so lets enjoy it. Moreover, Can you all believe I found these lovely boots in a small boutique in wall street for $19.99 and they are still nice and shiny. I usually run through boots like no one’s business but at this price, its all right. Also, the brand danceskin is really good for leggings, I found them in marshall’s in every color, size and style. Ladies they are really a must since they are long lasting when you wash them. The bottom down I bought from Old Navy and its really simple and soft. Finally, play around with your wardrobe and opt for long boots when wearing leggings they make you  lean and tall. As always darlings, stay posh and thank for reading.
 xo love2bcouture

 Images By AJ Visuals


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