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Indonesian Diversity – NYFW

(Photos by John Lamparski/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity)

So last month I went to a dinner to see some of Indonesians Diversity s clothing before the runway show. Basically so we can see first hand what designs to expect. But today was a glam boom surprise of nothing but up beat styles on the runway. When I say all the designers are so talented, vibrant and hip. I would be lying. I loved so many things in the show that I literally said I can definitely rock that with this and that. Remember guys it’s always about your style, your eye for colors and the trend you want to start. I feel that these Indonesian designers came to slay and literally showed others how you can wear there clothing and still look oh so amazing. I have nothing but respect and honor for people who can bring a beautiful collection for women to wear no matter who you are.

Let me tell you HONEYYY from the music and the gorgeous models I was truly happy to see this show. By far they are the best. Oh and guess what fanny packs in the house, ha my favorite you know this from my previous looks! so Refreshing, did i also mention that the designers are so sweet and personable, another plus for the win. truly humble people that would be honored to style there clothes in my own way. The people to thank for inviting me to this amazing show, is the riviera agency because they bring diversity to our runway shows by getting everyone together….. Well, let me stop writing and take a look for yourself and enjoy the collection. Tell me what you guys think. I have some videos on my instagram, you come and see as well. Enjoy ❤️ xo, love2bcouture!

(Photos by John Lamparski/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity)

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