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Light Blue Baby

The Look: Short – Old Navy (similar Here), Blue Satin Shirt – Dijon(similar Here) Sandals- Circus at Marshalls (similar here) Lipstick – Kylie Jenner Mary Jo (LipKit Here)
What a challenging week it has been. I never thought it would be so hard to try to capture a picture perfect moment of my outfit. The heat wave and humanity can be very hard on gal like me when trying to snap some photos while attending an event. I must admit I’m not to much of a lover for humidity specially when your makeup is ready to run down the face but nothing I can’t manage.

However, I went to  a friends BBQ and I had an amazing time with everyone. Also, it poured like dogs and cats, (laughing out loud) but I still managed to eat, drink and enjoy everyones company. I’m trying my very best to enjoy every event before the summer decides to end on a cold note. Additionally, I wore some Bermuda shorts and a satin baby blue shirt in which was perfect. I was never the type to wear thess colors but I love the way it compliments my tanned skin. Btw have you ladies noticed my red sexy lip, it’s the new Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and I must admit I am a lover of her line oh my God, oooohh Lalalla!!!. You gals know I love some red lips and the quality is pretty good and also its vibrant and beautiful; The name of this lip kit is Mary Jo. Therefore, lovelies always try your best to try new things before the summer comes to an end. specially colors that will make your tan skin pop in ways that can make you glow around. keep it fab and couture. Thank you for reading, xo love2bcouture!!


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