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Mixing prints make a great outfit!

Outfit: jacket – sheinofficial, shoes – Michael kors, body suit – hm, jeans – yoursclothing.

The weather is changing and I could not be any happier. Lighter jackets and less clothing really makes the days feel so much better. Winter was so boring and kind of dreadful just because I wanted to wear the clothes I wanted. I’ll take the 50’s and 70’s over anything because you can enjoy many things now. I’m one who loves to wear pretty bright clothing as well as sit outside in a restaurant. I felt so closed in and now I’m just back to happy at a 100% because it improves your overall life. However, clothes even becomes easier and exciting, believe it or not. At the same time I have so many cute outfits that I want to wear and I honestly can’t wait. Are you guys excited that the weather is changing? Who’s ready for less clothing and sandals? Let’s talk about it. Tell me your favorite season.

The other day I went out to enjoy my other half’s  birthday and I must admit red and black was on my mind. The reason why is because I love bright colors that bring out my complexion. I’m not crazy over black but the combination of the two was a go to. I decided to pair this outfit with leopard shoes and a checker board jacket I got from sheinofficial. It fits like a glove and it’s pretty warm. I love mix and matching prints, it makes the outfit so much more interacting. Mind you I was never the type to be into to many different print because it just wasn’t my thing. But now it has become a favorite in my wardrobe. Remember you do not need to wear really expensive items to look your best. 

xo, love2bcouture!!

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