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Outfit details: Sheingofficial Jacket, Jeans – Marshalls, Shoes – DSW BCBG, Shirt – HM

Ladies ladies, I still haven’t gotten around to really fully wear dresses and sandals for the simple fact that the Weather is not letting me be great. I’m still waiting so that I can actually make a transition for summer. But for now at least some heels, jeans and different jackets will do. I have so many things to wear and many events too literally conquer that I’m Super hype for the upcoming summer. I’m in a mode of just looking hella fly and enjoying life because I truly have just realized how much I love my life. Also, I let so many things off chest unleashed away. The reason why was because even-though I am an influencer, I am a women,Mom and entrepreneur just trying to reach to the top. So for a bit I was holding on to people, places and things that was not good only because I wasn’t sure of many things. Now I’m just loving all my freedom away from anyone telling me anything. Just my little family.

My wife and daughter. Let’s be honest. We sometimes just need clarity and I’ve gotten it. I love to be dressed, attend events, meet new bloggers with the same interest and people from all over the world who love fashion and stuff. Therefore, outfits are important but So is  friendship and family. So no matter what is going on in your life, I say work, make it known and hustle hard. I like to let you all know in a little personal feeling because after all this is how we get to know each other. Last ,but not least I wore this outfit just the other day for a fashion show that my daughter had in queens. Chic and yet very stylish. But not overboard. Cause I sometimes can be very extra. You all know this jacket is from Sheinofficial and it’s my favorite that’s why I style it every way possible. Also the shoes are my favorite. It’s hard to let go. Remember if you love it, versatile style is everything.

Thank you for stopping by, xoxo Love2bcouture


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