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Outfit: dress / Marshall’s , Sandals/ old navy / necklace / Bloomingdale’s 

I bought this dress like literally a little bit over a year and now I come around to wearing it. I know I know I can take a bit long at times, but like I always say I need a reason to wear it. I went out with my other half and met some friends for drinks. Of course I felt on fire cause there nothing better than a little red dress. Not only is it stretchy and comfortable but so sexy Because if the split oh the aide. I literally spent $10 in Marshall’s. Yeah it’s surprising to me too when I get those deals and then I want to wear the dress constantly on many different ways. Being that the weather is amazing, I get super excited that cam wear them again! Yayyy, who’s excited to be wearing there summer dresses, heels, sandals and anything less in clothing.

However, I’ve been stacking up any dresses that stretch, every color possible and last but not least that fluctuate my curves. Remember that no matter what size you are, you can and you will look super hot. I’m here to tell you look your best no matter the day. Next, the sandal are from old navy and honestly they are so comfortable to the point that I am able to wear them without complaining, ha! I’m crazy about shoes that fit like a glove and do not cause heels can be a pain. No pint of having a good shoe that is not comfy. However, no matter what you ladies do, getting a deal on a dress you can constantly is better in my book than anything. So the the next time you lovely’s shop, step into kohl’s , Marshall’s and or TJmax and you’ll be surprised what you find.  Thank you so much for stopping by. Let me know what you think of this look, was it your favorite…

Xoxo, Love2bcouture…

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