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New York International Auto Show Event

New York International Auto Show

I have such a passion for cars of fall kinds. I consider myself fast and furious because I like speed, leather interior, luxury and riding in style. Also, an economy car goes along way because you want to save money in every way possible. However, Last night I attended a Press Event for The Ny Car Auto Show filled with so many people from Celebrities and Influencers like myself coming together to basically celebrate a safe, luxury and less expensive cars. Most of times we think oh I want to ride in style and what most do not understand is you can with all the New Models of Toyota, Mazda and Genesis USA coming into play.
I honestly was impressed with the Toyota Camry because they are good to save. The inside is more spacious, wide, removable and comfortable. I know many ladies are into the luxury yet comfortability. I honestly never liked a Toyota until last night that I fell In LOVE with everything it has to offer. I wanted to drive out these cars off the Show hahah!!I kept saying that in my Instastory. I am know a fan because of there updates and body style. However, the Ny Auto Show is open to the public from the 14th to the 23rd of this month. Guys go enjoy it and go see the Mazdas, Toyota Camry’s and The Genesis. Its to die for.  Read more Below and look at the Awesomeness!


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