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NYFW: Lupe Gajardo Fall 2015

I had the pleasure to attend Lupe Gajardo’s Runway Show debut. Lupe is from Chile, one amazing Latina with really unique designs. She had a vision that left me really admiring how she thinks of everyone in general. Fashion does not have to be boring; all you need is a vision to then present it to the world. She focused on recycled denim and feathers with many off the shoulder gowns. Her authentic designs showed freedom and love for anyone who wishes to wear her designs. I love to really imagine the thoughts of the person designing because everyone has a purpose in mind of why this is being made. I love the recycled denim with patches because denim always looks good no matter the season. Also, the pieces were made of organic cotton in which is superb for the daily women who supports being simple yet beautiful. As I stated in many of my post lovelies, “Less is more”.  Lupe’s wearable garments are certainly made for everyone during the fall or winter. Also, lets not leave behind, the accessories, the bags where the type where you can actually put your hands through and grab. I really need to get my hands on that bag in which comes in many shades of neutrals. Everyone lets welcome this amazing new designer to Lupe Gajardo. I know you guys want to see what I’m talking about, look below.
Thank you for reading, Love2bcuture!!

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