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Angelic In White

            The Look: Old Navy Dress ( Similar here ) and Sandals (similar here) , Watch –                                                                       Michael Kors

white in the summer looks so beautiful because it makes my skin color look so vibrant. Also,I have so many new clothing in my closet in which I want to wear when the time is right. Specially after the heat wave we just had, I felt like I couldn’t survive. finally we have a little break and its gorgeous enough to wear all my appropriate and inappropriate clothes, lol. However, I purchased this dress in old navy and I could not stop thinking of all the ways i can wear it. It’s so refreshing and angelic.

Further more, I could not resist the went ahead and bought some more white dresses because I’m really loving the style and fit. Ladies, never be scared to wear a white dress because I feel it makes your curves look so much more amazing. Plus its all about celebrating your size at all times. I always say to just try it on and wear something like this style in which is a baby doll dress. It really flattens the stomach area and it provides the right amount of prettiness. I also feel that pairing it with brown or neutral sandals can make the dress pop more than anything. Additionally, adding really bright nails makes the dress even more summer time fine. Therefore ladies never be scared to try new styles and colors, you never know how fab you’ll look. Thank you all for reading, chow, Xo Johanna !!

Fashion Johanna Daily Style

Summer Blue’s

The Look: Dress – Old Navy (Similar Here) , Necklace – Forever 21 (similar Here) , Shoes – Wild Diva (similar Here )
One of the dresses I can’t shy away is the color blue because of how amazing it looks with a hint of orange. I find that summer is perfect to wear colors like these because it compliments every women. Also the dress is so comfortable and I’ve worn it on many occasions because as I always say you can wear a garment as much you want, as long as you accessories it to match your style. I added an orange necklace to make it pop a lot more and it really makes me look so vibrant.  I wore this dress to the office to where I work and girls loved the combination of the two. It makes me so excited when the ladies try something different.

Many times girls do not want to wear these colors because its to bright or they feel it makes them look bigger but in reality throw on some spanks to smooth out the curve and bam perfection. Ha, Lol! I honestly feel that you should never feel that ugly because everything has a solution, no matter whats your size, remember you are beautiful and unique in your own way. You can wear whatever you feel like by just making sure it just fits your body. Therefore, ladies body positivity is everything, so stop looking at yourself in a bad way and just try new things and break the grounds to looking super cute in any dress. Thank you for reading lovelies and stay cool because its extra hot out there, xo Johanna!
 Style tip: when shopping for dresses, try and invest in pieces that are super stretchy material because it will fit like a glove. add pieces that can make the dress stand out in ways that every women would want it in there closets.

                                                                               Images By AJ Visuals

Fashion Johanna Daily Style

Cool, Calm and Collective!

The Look: Dress – Ann Taylor Loft (similar Dress), Sandals –Old Navy (similar Here), accessories – F21
Happy summer to everyone. I am finally back and ready to show you guys so many styles I’ve gathered while away taking care of many projects. Sometimes as a mom and wife there are things that needs to be amended In order to be able to balance everything. I know I have not posted much but I was away planning my daughters sweet 15, working on my next home and things at times can be very hard to explain, but since I’m sure many of you would love to know. I am going to be honest with you, party planning oh lord it’s not easy but it was a huge success. I had a lot of help from friends. Also it was a good turn out and I am beyond grateful with everyone who came.

Also, I a focusing on my next career move because as a mom you need to know what will be the best move to nurture your children financially while they are growing. I always make sure that my family is well taken care of. You all know this blog is my everything and I wouldn’t give it away for the world. I find myself meditating more and focusing on things that need attention. Additionally, I fixed my closet tremendously, now that its summer I have so many new and old outfits that will work fiercely. My closet needed major reconstruction, Ha!! Moreover, I am working on a home in which is a lot of paper work and me being very picky I need to make sure it fits budget and everything before I make any move. I love having wealth in which is very important. You guys, I have so many dreams and aspirations where I want one room just for my closet, makeup and shoe collection. I find myself working in every angle to make sure that its fulfilled. Also I enjoyed some fun time in Connecticut with my other half and daughter. Now is time to work on revamping the blog, working on my outfits and making this blog the business I really want. As you all know  I love fashion, my body and my confidence. Remember my motto, being full figured is sexy. However, while I was away I made sure I took pictures and now im back stronger, ready to work to get my main dreams fulfilled. I hope you guys are fine and everything is going well for all. I missed you all tremendously and I am so glad to be back. Therefore, ladies this dress is everything, I was very skeptical because it has so much flow and you know I like to wear things that flatter my curves but because it’s so hot out I went ahead and bought this dress in which fits amazing. I don’t really like to wear loose clothing but this dress provides the right comfort and flare all around. It’s really cool for the weather here in NYC. I got it from Ann Taylor Loft and can’t lie that its everything I would not imagine. It’s so sexy, flowy and makes me feel so free. I paired it with a tie up sandal from old navy and curly hair In which works really good if any of you ladies are trying to stay cool. A simple dress needs to be worn with simple accessories. Therefore, I hope you all are enjoying this look in which can be worn out with friends and a cozy date,!! As always lovely’s I am back and hope your summer is going well, thank you for reading , xo Johanna!!

Fashion Johanna Daily Style

Sexy With Fringe

The Look: Skirt – Forever 21Shirt – BCBG, Sandals – Old Navy 
We can actually say It’s officially summer even though it’s not June 21 when summer begins.  This past weekend was hot in which gave us an insight to what summer will be like in the coming days. However, I missed you all my loves, I’ve been planning away and finally the party is next week.Also I’ve been doing other projects in which I have kept in until it’s time to show you guys. i just cant wait!! This is one of the reasons I’ve been off from writing. But could not help myself as went out to some parties and baptism where my outfit was on point.

I have so many pictures to gather and write for. Therefore this outfit I wore on Saturday to a birthday party and  because it was so hot outside,  flat sandals were so appropriate as well as the sexy skirt. Mind you lovelies I bought this in mid April and I’ve been dying to wear it. Finally, I can Say it’s what I expected of this skirt very feminine, I was a bit skeptical about wearing it and honestly I love the way it fits.The red shirt adds lots of personality as well as the matching sandals. What you guys think about skirts with fringe? Would you wear it? If so what’s your preferable style? Let me know. As always gorgeous thank you for reading, xo Johanna!!!  

Fashion Johanna Daily Style

WhoWhatWear Jean Dress

The Look: Dress – Who What Wear (Target), Shoes ( Similar Here ) sunglasses ( Similar Here)

When I was younger Jean dresses were one of the best outfits you can wear. For some time designers stopped making them but now, they are over flowing the stores with so many different ways to wear one. What’s crazy is that I probably had lots of these in which I just can’t really remember. Who What Wear for Target came out with their amazing full figured line and I’ve been head over heels with every single piece they have. I needed to purchase this dress because I love me some Jean everything. It’s so girly yet comfortable. Additionally, I am in love with the material and how it fits. One thing I must admit ladies is that their material is awesome and lasts a long time.

However, I decided to pair this dress with my studded flat shoes and sunglasses in which gave this outfit nothing but personality. Outfits  like these are simple for a Friday night with friends in which I wore to be with my friends over some dinner. Remember that accessories makes your outfits and one of the things I find makes me feel more mysterious is a pair of shades that can hide your eyes in sexy way. Between spring and summer that’s what is all about shades that can add more to your style. Staying true to your way of styling an outfit is what makes your stand out. Don’t ever loose your sparkle lovelies, rock on. Enjoy your night and thank you for reading. Xo Johanna

Fashion Johanna Daily Style

Oversized T-Shirt and Jeans

The Look:Over Size TShirt- Zaful (similar Here), Jeans-Fashionnva, Wedges- HM (Similar Here)

Effortless looks can go along way specially when you can wear a White Big T-Shirt with jeans and Wedges. I love the quality on this Shirt because it super stretchy and it provides the right amount of comfort. Also, adding a tight pair of jeans really allows the outfit to stand out in every way possible. I really admire looks that are super quick but has all the right amount of Chic in it. These days I find myself running around like crazy and wearing comfortable shoes is everything. Additionally, the weather is looking really gorgeous here in NYC and a pair of comfortable wedges can make the day amazing. I have realizing that I can’t function at times without a nice pair of shoes. 

I am very attached to my shoes and the nicer it gets, I will be sporting all of the. I am so glad to finally start getting rid of my coast and jackets. Therefore, lovelies its been running around Johanna with all the things that needs to be bought for my daughters party but almost done. however,I took some time to take some picture in between my days because party planning can be rather stressful but fun. I hope all you have been enjoying the days and the weather. I’ve been away but no worries I’ll be posting all these amazing spring looks for you lovelies. Therefore, whenever you gals wear super tight jeans, go for a nice Over size T-shirt that can really bring out the outfit. It’s really sexy with all the right amount of accessories and shoes. as always lovelies thank you for reading. xo Johanna