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The Look: Peplum Shirt– OLD NAVY, Pants NEW YORK AND COMPANY, Shoes– NINA
I am so uberly happy.(as Tamar would say) I cleaned out my closet and set out everything in place for the upcoming warmer spring and summer season. I fixed my shoes in order like this peep toe shoe from Nina. Also, I was able to put together my favorite spring color like this coral peplum shirt from old navy. I love how simple it is yet very classic. It has a lot of flow and fits beautifully.

Additionally, these pants/joggers I’ve worn before but they are versatile where it can be dressed in many ways. Always remember ladies is about the style not the garment you have worn multiple times.You can dress a pair of pants a million times and it will look different every time you wear it. Now, lets talk about these shoes, they are like at least 6 years old and I can’t believe I’ve only worn them once. I bought them at a sample sale for $20 from 79 originally. They are comfortable and the color is divine. However, you can’t ever go wrong with shoes because it can make an outfit look fabulous. Therefore, ladies I wore this outfit yesterday for my better half’s birthday. Simple and bright. Thank you for reading lovelies, xo Johanna!!

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Sweet In Pink

      The Look: Dress – Shabby Apple, Shoes – Asos, Necklace – Forever 21

When spring comes around I like to see what clothes are wearable in my closet from past seasons and what I can add to make it more current. Additionally, I like to look for inexpensive items that can be added to my wardrobe that will be easy enough to transition into spring. I can’t get enough of how dresses look on especially when the weather starts feeling the way we want it. I’ve always stated this to you ladies that dresses can make you look so different in every way possible and are easy to wear. Furthermore, showing curves is everything I could want but in a tasteful way and this dress literally does all that.

 Also, I’m the girl who is crazy over anything pink because it’s such an amiable color. It always reminds me of the girls from clueless where there wardrobe had mostly pink. These are the colors that compliment every woman to look vibrant in every way. However, the style of this dress has a bit of everything that’s perfect in which I love; for one the stretch material is comfortable enough to move in and its wearable to many occasions. Sometimes the simple the better and this dress can be perfect for Easter and graduation. Oh la La! At the same time, feeling fabulous and couture is all me and when it’s pink oh my god.
 I don’t know how many of you like pink but you should try it. It’s perfect for the spring, summer, fall and winter. It’s all about your personal style.I collaborated with Shabby Apple in which has a selection of beautiful dresses with many more items to choose from. Not to mention this dress is on sale and it’s called The Short Sleeve Nutcracker Dress in pink.  They have sizes from 0 – 16 with different colors to choose from. I am head over heels because as soon as I stepped out wearing this dress, the construction men outside were whistling away. I loved every minute of it. Its sweet, it’s pink and it’s Shabby Apple. Take peak darlings and enjoy!
A Huge Thank you to Shabby Apple for the Lovely Dress, However All Opinions are My own.

Fashion Johanna Daily Style

NYFW:Pretty in Pink with Black

The Look: Jeans – YoursClothing UkShirt & Jacket – Zaful, Bag – Street Level, Booties – Franco Sarto, Necklace – F21, Watch – Fossil

Fashion Week is the time to look your best. This outfit I wore for the second day I attended some more shows. This time around I wanted color and some comfortable shoes to move around. Additionally, I just really love Different colors of pink and Ripped Black jeans. The jeans are hightop and they are from #Yoursclothinguk. The Jacket I’ve worn before from  and the shirt is new from zaful as well.

I really enjoy outfits like these because its so Edgy and Chic. A lot of the girls asked about the whole outfit and honestly I felt the outfit was a fashion week staple due to many girls with ripped jeans and booties. I love this look. furthermore, I swear I am the ultimate pink girl fan. it compliments my skin really well. However, I always ay go with what makes you feel amazing, not what others want you to wear. Stay true to your style and work it like no other. Thats exactly what me Ms thing did, Ha! Therefore, ladies its been one heck of a long week full of shows and now Things wind down where I get to slowly return emails and write my posts. Lol!! Missed you lovelies, and hope everyone is enjoying there Sunday..!! Thank you for reading and stay fabulous. xo Johanna!

Fashion NYFW

NYFW: Lupe Gajardo Fall 2015

I had the pleasure to attend Lupe Gajardo’s Runway Show debut. Lupe is from Chile, one amazing Latina with really unique designs. She had a vision that left me really admiring how she thinks of everyone in general. Fashion does not have to be boring; all you need is a vision to then present it to the world. She focused on recycled denim and feathers with many off the shoulder gowns. Her authentic designs showed freedom and love for anyone who wishes to wear her designs. I love to really imagine the thoughts of the person designing because everyone has a purpose in mind of why this is being made. I love the recycled denim with patches because denim always looks good no matter the season. Also, the pieces were made of organic cotton in which is superb for the daily women who supports being simple yet beautiful. As I stated in many of my post lovelies, “Less is more”.  Lupe’s wearable garments are certainly made for everyone during the fall or winter. Also, lets not leave behind, the accessories, the bags where the type where you can actually put your hands through and grab. I really need to get my hands on that bag in which comes in many shades of neutrals. Everyone lets welcome this amazing new designer to Lupe Gajardo. I know you guys want to see what I’m talking about, look below.
Thank you for reading, Love2bcuture!!

Fashion NYFW

#NYFW Day 5: Designer Taoray Wang

“Taoray Wang,” So many things to say about this designer. She is everything a woman actually needs on a daily basis. The reason I say this is because her collection has a bit of masculine and femininity. I was able to attend her fashion Show on Day 5 of fashion week at the Skylight at Moynihan Station where the main shows are. I was so excited to because it’s not about the shows, it’s about the collection, designs and what is in for the season approaching. I am not one to go by what others want, but I do appreciate the hard work these designers put in when making their garments for us to wear. However, Taoray is called the “queen of suit in china”. She brings a lot of good quality style for the everyday woman. Taoray  presented her collection in September of 2014.

 Ever since, she has been nothing but a phenomenal designer with different wearable gowns, dresses and suits. when I sat down I was pretty much wowed because how versatile the clothes are for anyone trying to wear. we are in a day in age where the vision of the designers are easier to buy and wear right of the run way. Everything I saw I wanted because it has a mixture of black, white and blues with suits and dress shirts in which its easy to wear anytime or day. Her clothing can be worn to work, a fashion meeting and or an important event. It was intriguing with all the flow these garments provided while on the runway. One of my main favorites is the white dress, the dress with blue lines and off course the bell bottoms pants with the sheer top. I have an attached video for you ladies and gents to view. Therefore, enjoy this amazing collection from Taoray Wang.

Also, that’s a rap to My Fashion Week SS17 in New York, until Next season….Thank you for Reading. xoxo Love2bcouture!!

Collaborations Fashion Johanna Daily Style

Yours Clothing UK Shawl and Leggings

Yours Clothing uk Shawl

The Look: Shawl – Your Clothing Uk, Leggings- Old Navy (similar here) , Boots – Nine West (similar here)

Lately, its about what pieces I can add to my wardrobe because I love layers specially when the weather is cold enough like today. This Shawl/Poncho is the ultimate Fab piece all around because of the colors and the flow it provides. Also, its so easy to combine due to the black and white patterns. These Shawls are becoming such a favorite of mine in which gets my creativeness flowing of what to match it with. I have a broadway show today in which this is the perfect outfit. Additionally, adding statement pieces to me makes the difference, like this belt around it just for a more feminine twist.
I love showing curves and the belt adds that feel. Pieces like a belt, Hat, fedora, a skirt or dress can make a significant difference to the look your trying to achieve. However, I got this Shawl from Yours Clothing in the UK. What a sweet collaboration to be able to wear something different with so much personality. I must admit I adore all of there cool pieces in which are so versatile and some in which you ladies will love.  I’m Gonna try getting every other color because of the comfort and how warm it is. This is one a good inspiration when needing something to wear. I just can’t resist how much things they have. Also, they have a massive sale and they ship fast. If you lovely ladies have time, take a Peek, Its really Curvy friendly.Remember as  I always say to you gals its about quality and this one has a great quality material and thats important. 

Take a peek at there store, its everything you want, they have styles for parties as well as pajamas. So amazing!! Online Store : Your Clothing UK.

                                                                                           Images By AJ Visuals