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Phone Photography X Digital Frame

Phone Photography X Digital Aura Frame
Have you ever experienced a time when your outfit is amazing and you want to blog it but choosing between your phone and the big camera is a task? Well ladies I am actually guilty of this and most of times its so hard to carry the big camera since you’ll be in a place where is just to much. So I have an advice on how to take pictures with your phones so that you can still post those pictures and not carry the monster camera. In college I took some course on how to take the best photos with your Iphone or android. Here are five ways to take a perfect photo:

1. Make sure you have good lighting because that will make your photo a lot better. Sunlight or midday is preferable.
2. find your perfect angle of your body, yes ladies everyone has one that makes them look thinner, taller and lean.
3. location is another main place to care because if its full of objects the photo loses its purpose of others concentrating on you. A  plain back wall, the street “without too many cars”, or a sidewalk free from traffic makes it easy to shoot the photo
4. Poses are so important because it need to show your outfit
5. Position is the most important: you need to take the photo at an angle or on the side from where you’re standing.

Iphone 7 Picture taken by AJ. Visuals
Now, pictures say a thousand words and I am a believer that the better the picture the more attention it receives, specially on social media. Additionally, if the photo is taken with love you’ll want to see it more since it becomes a memory. Blogging is so much fun that we drift off on taking pictures of ourselves, families, food and more. Also, there’s places, streets and countries you want to remember so why not make sure you have all the right lighting, angle and position to love that photo. I feel that by taking amazing photos you can add it in a frame for a family member or lover.

Therefore, Imagine having all your phone photography added in a frame where you can reminisce of all these lovely memories like your first blogging picture, spread on a magazine for inspiration, wedding and so much more. Now, I know its only September entering October but remember that the holidays will be close by as well as birthdays and the best thing is not leaving those blogging photos stuck in your computer or blog, why not make a gift to mom, dad, wife and anyone important in your life in a Digital Frame. At times, we want them to remember us specially when we are far away and I couldn’t help but showing you guys this beautiful Aura frame in which has me thinking of giving it to my mom in the Dominican Republic so that she can see me more while in the house. months are passing by so all those photos that look phenomenal can go in this frame for my family to enjoy my milestones.
Take a look at my Photos wth an Iphone its beautifully done and lots of light and it will be perfect for my moms Aura Frame. Thank you for reading as always.
xo, Love2bcouture!

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