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Pink with Floral Pants

Pink and floral outfit

The Look: Pants – Old Navy (similar here), Shirt – Sears (similar here), Jacket – HM (similar here), Shoes – TJmaxx (similar here)

How about that Graffiti wall? Coney island has best the best walls from different artist and its awesome that you can take pictures in them. I’m starting to like different color backgrounds, it helps my pictures with a lot of pop color. However, I often feel that wearing flower pants can be one of the best outfits because of all the colors and how easy it is to match it. I choose any flower and coordinate my shirt so that it can look nice. Also, flowers are so in this year and honestly I love all the floral styles that needed to eventually wear my mine. Mind you I’ve been having these pants in my closet for at least, 3 years from old navy. Its just so funny how a trend never really leaves, it kind of stays floating around. I’m not into trends but it feels good to know I can wear some of my favorites. Want to know a secret? I don’t ever get rid of items that I know will repeat in the fashion world. If I buy 2 pairs of pants with flowers and no one is wearing them, I just hide them somewhere in my closet for when another season comes. Most of the times I find that in between 2 years of spring and summer will wear it again. So honestly ladies don’t just dish out your clothing for new ones. I always say prepare a drawer somewhere and save those garment you think will be gone. 

All in reality they do come back to surprise us. However these pants are super comfortable and I love the flower prints. The shirt is from sears in which I got for $10 dollars on sale in sears at the location in queens around march. I love the pink because it reflects really well. I wore this outfit a week ago when I went out with the family for dinner. When there are babies around I find myself making sure I’m comfortable because they want to play and it’s a lot of carrying and hugging, lol. I’m the aunt who loves to carry them. Moreover, what’s going with Mother Nature, she is on a roll because of all the rain and clouds plus cold. I am wishing for more heat with shorts and sandals. But I looked at the weather and this week will be much better. Therefore, I hope everyones mothers day was phenomenal, mines was a delight, no complains, I am so happy to be a mom. I ate, received some flowers and a drink. The simplest things in life makes everything better. As a mom I do not need gifts because the best gift is my daughter because she is my everything. Oh btw you can all come to Instagram where I share everything on the Instastory, so much fun!Thank you for reading! 

Photographer: AJ Visuals



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