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Polka Dot

In my time of growing up, Polka Dots have been the number one hit for women. Even if other styles fade, polka dots, long mermaid skirts, long dresses and short tops in which are now considered crop tops have been really admired by every girl. Not only does it look good but it can go with anything you wear. At the same time showing some skin where is tasteful is definitely good because remember you should always honor your curves. Furthermore a vintage look is sexy yet elegant on any women of every size. This two piece is sexy and stylish with a touch of vintage in it because of the polka dots and the mermaid skirt . I must admit that Its really hard to get this look all in one piece and Fashionable Addictions

Luxe definitely provides what every women loves a bit of love for every curve without any hesitation. Also, not leaving behind the stretch durable material in which is long lasting. Remember that’s always a must because we all love a snap back material for curvy bodies. In addition, I have collaborated with Fashionable Addictions Luxe and ladies when I say “OH MY she brang sexy back,” she did that. Each of her pieces are everything women love with a little more edge. Curvy Ladies visit her site Fashionable addictions luxe and see for yourself.

*Since I know you lovely ladies would love to try it for yourselves, Here is a 10% Discount to an item of your choice.
“Enjoy some of Fashion Addictions Luxe as well with a 10% off by “ Entering “ Love2bcouture” in the promotional box.
Outfit Details: Two Piece Polka Dot from Fashionable Addictions Luxe / Shoes RFR/ Sunglasses Miu Miu
*Disclosure: This Two piece was Provided by Fashionable Addictions Luxe, However all opinions are my own.*


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