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Pretty Little Thing Neutral Dress

Summer Maxi Dresses

Outfit: pretty Little thing Dress, Sandals – SJP, Necklaces – Bloomingdales

Lately, I’ve been so empowered about bright and neutral tones because it’s honestly so refreshing. . The reason why is because I was never to crazy in how the color looked. But I won’t lie it’s nice for the summer because you can wear with so many Other colors in the summer. Also, pretty little thing, Fashion nova and many other stores are having a good sale on clothes. I Walsh’s say to wear pretty things under a budget. You can look so good without having To spend a fortune. At the same time, you can find dresses that can make your body look amazing. Never underestimate a garment until you try it. the stores above are just some of the ones I shop at because they have dresses and items i really like. I sometimes don’t like how some dress make yo look round or the material is not good.

But a lot of these stores do have pretty good clothes that you can very and wear. however, I wore this dress for a BBQ that my family had the other day and it was so hot but this dress kept me cool. it can be worn with many different pair of shoes and also you can dress up more and maybe some sneakers that are really girlie. No matter how you put it, you can dress it your way. I am more of really sexy gal who loves a flattering silhouette, so if you like that too, you can wear it just like this. therefore, no matter what ladies make it your business to wear it your way and never be scared to look your best no matter your body type. Love yourself and be confident… Thank you for stopping by, I would love your opinions on this look. xo Love2bcouture!

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