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Python & Fur for NYFW

python and fur

Outfit Details: Skirt – Boohoo, Fur – from my collection, Boots – Missquided, Bag – Bloomingdales

So #NYFW day was a total success. Even though my day started crazy. I woke up, ate breakfast, too a nice shower And moved on to my hair and then makeup abs dressed within an hour. The Indonesian diversity show was for 10 o’clock in the am. At like maybe 850 I was on my way to the shows and honestly it was total chaos on the highway wish all the traffic I was like really going through a serious moment of worry because I was like am I ever gonna get there. I went from trying 3 highways to the local street to going back to the highway. That’s how bad the traffic was. Uber’s, trucks and all were being pulled over got really dramatically reasons.

Can I tell you guys that it’s a hectic time between you and trying to get somewhere on time to sit and enjoy the show. I got to the show almost when the doors closed. Lord that was a close call but I made it and if was phenomenal. Listen guys I’m on the first one to say, that it might glitz and glam But the stress you go through trying to make sure you are present is omg crazy. However, the show was hand down amazing and vibrant. I went with a python and fur. the skirt is from boohoo, boots from missguided and the fur, bag and shirt was from my closet in which I matched it with. It made so happy to be able to make it there and the. Feeling super glam. I am crazy with fashion week because it’s the time you come out and show your most amazing outfits to everyone honestly. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty sure you all love some of my outfits but on fashion week you try much harder to look hot in every angle. My day was great and I feel so happy because I get to see my blogging friends. It’s always a plus. That was my phenomenal day NYFW day 1, enjoy and thank you for passing by. xoxo, love2bcouture


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