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Outfit Details: Gold Shirt – American Apparel, Jeans – Fashionnova Curve, Jacket – Apparis, boots – boohoo (links below)

I must admit that Winter can be a bit hard to dress specially when you are a fashionista like me. I cannot stay away from color that are bright and anything that sparkles. I love all kinds of pinks, reds and oranges and it can be a bit dull to my shine due to the fact that it super cold and dark colors keep up you warm. But in all reality black and brown is so boring lol. I only wear them sometimes. However, brightness is my middle name hahah! I wore this outfit the other day while I enjoyed a nice night dinner with the wife. lets be real, i do many little jobs in oder to keep my income coming in can be a bit tuff when putting time away just for dinner, drinks and movies when I’m off. therefore any little outing deserves a nice outfit to enjoy the night. I’m pretty sure you all want to know if I just shoot outfits in which i don’t see the point because then you do not stay inspired. Thats why I write every 2 or 3 post a week to maintain nice and fresh. I like to go out and wear those fun jackets, jewelry and or boot I have in my fun closet. Thats when i can definitely deliver to you guys how my night or day went when i wore that outfit. I’ve gotten those questions lately and I honestly is easier to wear it when you have an events, dinner date or brunch with friends because it does help you so much more.

let’s talk about this fantastic coat again that I wont stop wearing because its so fabulous in color and style. Apparis is really the best brand ever, the reason why is because the coat is warm, fuzzy and so stylish. specially with his cold weather in NYC and other places. I like to look good but also warm. it defeats the purpose to look good and be so cold that you want to run home ladies never sacrifice getting sick over looking cute you know. however,, theres many coat you can look so hot and still maintain nice and toasty, at the same time I so miss American Apparel, they had the best clothing. this shirt I bought it when they were closing there doors and is now i come to wear it; its so chic. lets not leave these sexy ass boots behind, oh my gosh, boohoo has literally made my dreams come true with the comfortability of these boots. also I only got them for $30 Dollars on sales from like maybe $70. therefore when you lovers have time search around, these boots are so hot right now. you all know my motto look fab on a budget. you can wear it with jeans or a dress in which ill be showing you all soon. Thank You for always supporting me and stopping by xoxo love2bcouture


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