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Suede Grey Dress

Outfit Details: Suede Dress – Marshall’s, High Heels – Nine West, Necklace – Forever 21

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Hello Loves happy sunday,

Have you ladies and gents started revamping your closets with fun accessories and clothes? Well, let me tell you it seems like every season we are all there in the same boat trying to be more proactive on clothes that fit. I for one have a really bad habit of not getting rid of certain things because it comes on trend again and again or I feel bad giving it since I love hoarding my clothes. But this fall season i decided to just donate some clothes and sell some to the thrift shops in my city because my closet needs breathing. I find that you can only keep certain things that will benefit a look that is a favorite. I want more dresses and colors that make me feel warm, happy and vibrant. So I went to buy this lovely dress from Marshall’s in which was a score for only $15.99. I must admit thats a fab find. Also, its great because it has a bit of a turtleneck but not so crazy; Also its pretty warm and its suede. Now its cold in NYC but while I was shooting this dress it was in between. I paired it with a high heel from nine west one of the most comfortable shoes alive.

Additionally, it flatters my height and curvy body in which I feel I need more off.  It was the last one in mannequin in marshall’s and i had to have it because I hardly wear grey dresses.. This is one item i have added to my wardrobe in my closet that will fit great with many other accessories in my closet. I honestly procrastinate on certain things but this time i will just keep in my closet what i need and buy some things to match it them. This dress is truly versatile and can be worn with boots and a chunky sweater in which i will definitely wear rather sooner than later. Therefore, no matter what you guys do adding new things to the wardrobe is essential specially us women who need a bit of everything. Never go without adding some dresses this season like this becuase it just fits so well. Thank you for reading,

xo love2bcouture

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