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Super Glam

Outfit Details: Dress /PrettyLittlething, Coat/Apparis, Shoes/Ninewest

This year honestly has been immensely incredible. For one I can say I am at peace with myself and life. I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t too happy with certain things, people and places. This year I’ve changed my circle to not having none and just enjoy new People in my life that love me, the happy girl and what bring to the table. I feel so happy that I am feee from like any type of drama. I always loved my life but at one point I questioned myself of whether I was being to kinds, to tuff or anything had to do with people who questioned my ability to do more for myself and family. Well I’m now more open, do as please and not change my happy self. I’m a hugger, playful and love to drive others insane, ha lol in a good way though.

I also, enjoy doing many things with life not just the fashion, that’s actually a passion of mine. Therefore, my birthday was December 22, and guys I’m sorry I didn’t have time to write a nice post. Also, I’m back into having good intentions  for 2019 and I all it will bring me . I’m happy because I know I’ll make it through the things I really wish for , like more travel, work with more brand and grow more as a full time blogger. My bday was a blast because I partied hard and I love it. I haven’t really partied so long but my bday was a success. Also this amazing outfit in which many stopped to say how nice it was , truly made my day. Im so thankful and grateful for all the things I have that and many more to come my way. This dress is from Prettylittlething and the coat in which I’m head over heels is from Apparis; Super soft and chic to wear with anything desired. Oh what a night ladies. Hope you all enjoy this amazing outfit in which Is super glam !Thank you for stopping by xo love2bcouture .


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