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Thick Sweater X Kylie Jenner and Pumas

Black and Pink Outfit
The Look: Sweater – Thick By Kylie Jenner (Here), Leggings – Marshalls (similar here), Sneakers – Puma in Pink (similar here)
I’ve always been so curious as to how my pictures would look in the night time because in the winter hours you have to always make sure photos are done before 4pm. Its so difficult when the time is shorter and you have to hurry and shoot your looks. But the other day I went to a friends get together and for the life of me I could not get out of my house in time. So night it was. Honestly, they do not look so bad even though  the day time focuses my looks a lot better. But when you are Fab, pictures will always look great, Ha! But I went for a more comfortable look  as to when I get glam to attend other events. Also, the whole makeup is by her valentines collection, truly obsessed with her line.

Additionally, Its weird I cannot get dressed and just take pictures because it just doesn’t work, i have to really be dressed when i’m in the move to go somewhere. The good things is I always have things to do. At the same time its cold out and me, dresses and heels have a hard time understanding each other. Lol! Also, I told you guys my Obsession with Pumas sneakers and these pink ones are just amazing I can’t get enough of them, I have three colors and counting.! Additionally, I purchased this sweater from  the Kylie Jenner new line  when the Pop Shop was live during Fashion Week and I am so in love with the material and of course the colors because it has pink. It makes me so happy honestly.  Cant wait for the spring weather, i’m actually over the cold and snow. However, how did you guys spend it this week with all the snow? What did you do stay home or play? As for me i stood home in my comfy sofa just loving every movie and snacks, lol. Well hopefully your Wednesday is going awesome like mine. Thank you for reading, lets chat later, xo Love2bcouture.

                                                                 images By AJ Visuals

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