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Happy valentines everyone, hope you all are enjoying it to the fullest. Remember it’s a lot friendship and love. You can all enjoy some dinner with friends and a quiet day at home with your loved one. As for me, I’m enjoying at home with my little family and some nice dinner. 
However, in the light of valentines day this look right here is from #nyfw day 3 where I attended some shows at the pier. I also met some really good friends from different places in which are super sweet. That’s  some thing I adore about fashion week. The fact that I can connect with so many people from everywhere who are in media, television, magazines and much more. I have enjoyed this season a lot more that any other because I connected with people like me who love fashion, beauty and many more things.

Also this fashion season I wanted to bring out my colorful style. So many people asked me about about my coat, the dress and even the boots. I always say to wear your clothes up and down to make it personable and more yours. My pink coat is from Apparis in which coat $295 but everything else was under 100 dollars which helps the outfit completely. Always wear an item that can  be a pop color and the center of attention. That’s how your outfit will fall into place with fitting you the way you envisioned it. However, I’m not gonna lie that I’m really loving, boohoo and prettylittlething for my clothes. It just really fits so good to the point where I ordered many pieces for my closet. It’s a versatile piece where you can wear it with sneakers and even Sandals in the summer. The material on this dress is stretch and true to size, it’s a large and it fits like a glove. Therefore ladies some color does no wrong; It always makes you look different and pretty. Try different looks because it will be a hit no matter what. Fashion week was total success and I loved every minute of it. 

Thank you for stopping by, xo Love2bcouture!


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