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The Look: Peplum Shirt– OLD NAVY, Pants NEW YORK AND COMPANY, Shoes– NINA
I am so uberly happy.(as Tamar would say) I cleaned out my closet and set out everything in place for the upcoming warmer spring and summer season. I fixed my shoes in order like this peep toe shoe from Nina. Also, I was able to put together my favorite spring color like this coral peplum shirt from old navy. I love how simple it is yet very classic. It has a lot of flow and fits beautifully.

Additionally, these pants/joggers I’ve worn before but they are versatile where it can be dressed in many ways. Always remember ladies is about the style not the garment you have worn multiple times.You can dress a pair of pants a million times and it will look different every time you wear it. Now, lets talk about these shoes, they are like at least 6 years old and I can’t believe I’ve only worn them once. I bought them at a sample sale for $20 from 79 originally. They are comfortable and the color is divine. However, you can’t ever go wrong with shoes because it can make an outfit look fabulous. Therefore, ladies I wore this outfit yesterday for my better half’s birthday. Simple and bright. Thank you for reading lovelies, xo Johanna!!

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