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Yours Clothing UK Shawl and Leggings

Yours Clothing uk Shawl

The Look: Shawl – Your Clothing Uk, Leggings- Old Navy (similar here) , Boots – Nine West (similar here)

Lately, its about what pieces I can add to my wardrobe because I love layers specially when the weather is cold enough like today. This Shawl/Poncho is the ultimate Fab piece all around because of the colors and the flow it provides. Also, its so easy to combine due to the black and white patterns. These Shawls are becoming such a favorite of mine in which gets my creativeness flowing of what to match it with. I have a broadway show today in which this is the perfect outfit. Additionally, adding statement pieces to me makes the difference, like this belt around it just for a more feminine twist.
I love showing curves and the belt adds that feel. Pieces like a belt, Hat, fedora, a skirt or dress can make a significant difference to the look your trying to achieve. However, I got this Shawl from Yours Clothing in the UK. What a sweet collaboration to be able to wear something different with so much personality. I must admit I adore all of there cool pieces in which are so versatile and some in which you ladies will love.  I’m Gonna try getting every other color because of the comfort and how warm it is. This is one a good inspiration when needing something to wear. I just can’t resist how much things they have. Also, they have a massive sale and they ship fast. If you lovely ladies have time, take a Peek, Its really Curvy friendly.Remember as  I always say to you gals its about quality and this one has a great quality material and thats important. 

Take a peek at there store, its everything you want, they have styles for parties as well as pajamas. So amazing!! Online Store : Your Clothing UK.

                                                                                           Images By AJ Visuals


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