Monday, October 16, 2017

Couple Style For The Fall

Fall Style

The Outfit: Skirt - Forever 21 (similar here), Hat - Street vendor (similar here), - Sweater Vintage, Shoes - Nine west, Men Style - Bonobos

There something about burgundy that makes me crazy because of how amazing it looks when worn. Any color added to burgundy will definitely reflect in ways you would could not imagine. Also, I love that fall is back because i get to wear some of my favorite colors and garments like sweaters. Not forgetting that I love wearing any color in the fall because i feel its how you style it, but its a different season. Additionally, I wanted to integrate how some of my men can look handsome with burgundy and neutral colors. if you have  your lover why not pair one another with similar colors outfits to bring out your fashion and style for the season. I for one feel that hats provide a different look all around as well as leather skirts. You do not have to wear pants, you can just be versatile with you're outfits. The same goes for you're partner, he can wear neutral pants and a burgundy sweater to vibe off one another. This will honestly finish any look, less is more.
Thursday, October 5, 2017

Phone Photography X Digital Frame

Phone Photography X Digital Aura Frame

Have you ever experienced a time when your outfit is amazing and you want to blog it but choosing between your phone and the big camera is a task? Well ladies I am actually guilty of this and most of times its so hard to carry the big camera since you'll be in a place where is just to much. So I have an advice on how to take pictures with your phones so that you can still post those pictures and not carry the monster camera. In college I took some course on how to take the best photos with your Iphone or android. Here are five ways to take a perfect photo:
Monday, September 25, 2017

Colovos Runway Show SS18

Colovos Runway Show SS18

I love when designers can vary by including styles that can be worn either to work or on a regular basis. Colovos definitely has that appeal and more when the models were walking on the runway. I am actually loving how minimalist the designs are. I love maxi dresses as well as suits and rompers in which colovos has. I love every piece honestly, so versatile. Additionally this runway show was designed by longtime husband and wife collaborators Michael and Nicole Colovos. I am head over heels with some of there styles. This was one of my last shows in which I attended. I was happy to attend because every season I like meeting different designers. Also, they have a store here in manhattan on madison avenue in which is great when needing a garment  from there runway show. Look below and enjoy there collection as much as I did.
Sunday, September 24, 2017

Christian Siriano Dress Resort 2017

Christian Siriano Dress Resort 2017

The look: Dress - @Christiansiriano, Sandals - Miu Miu (similar here)  Clutch

September is in full force with the hot days. I honestly wish it was colder again so we can enjoy the cooler fall days. Also, here is one last look of my lasts show from #NYFW. Its always so much but hectic in ways you would not imagine. There is so much preparation that goes in these shows in which you guys could not imagine. Additionally, you need bomb looks and shoes to make sure you play your part. I rather be very well dressed than under because you never know who you gonna meet that day. At the same time I go with my feeling of what I want to wear rather than anything else. I sometimes buy things and store them in my closet for when fashion week comes becomes its so much either.
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Vintage Print Dress

Vintage Print Dress

The Style: Dress - Vintage, Sandals - Franco Sarto , Clutch - Vintage

Hey dolls happy wednesday,

Hope everyone is doing well. I am ok and kind of sad with all that's happening around our world at the moment. I'm Praying that things change of some sort for all of those affected in Mexico and Puerto Rico as well other places, sending you my prayers. However, here is a recap of one of my looks from fashion week Day 4 in which I've been obsessed with. For one I never knew that a vintage dress can be so lovely and stylish with its colors and the fact that I found it at a bargain makes me even more excited. Theres this flea market in the Meat Packing district that I love on 39th street and sometimes really good vendors are there. Often I buy to save for my fashion week shows and this dress I've had it for 3 years and only spent $20 Dollars. Yes ladies you read that right, only $20 and i honestly think the young lady that was selling the items did not know the value of it.