New York Fashion Week's

New York Fashion Week's


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Casual, Comfortable and Chic

Casual, comfortable and chic

The Look: Pants - Old Navy (here), Shoes - Old Navy (similar here), Shirt - Dash Posh Boutique, (here) Bag - Vintage, Necklace - Dash Posh Boutique (here)

Hey Loves, Happy Tuesday! Can you believe this month is almost done, is like we just started and its  the second day of spring. Off course I had to bring some colors out that can be bright but not so crazy yet. Purple is really the right amount of color we need to feel revived. However, I wore this outfit to a friends dinner party at a restaurant. I had to work at the office so I kept it Casual, Comfortable and chic. All Three C's, Ha! I love how it plans out; mind you I've never really worn purple within my wardrobe I actually think its the first time. I must admit it looks good with black. Also, these are like office pants and the only way to make it look chic, I added The necklace, the tie up shoes for a better pop style and my bag,.

Suede Brown Dress

Suede Outfit

The Look: Suede Dress with Necklace (similar here) - Ashley Stewart, Boots -Nine West (similar here) Watch - Michael Kors (similar here)

Theres nothing more satisfying than this dress. I finally got around the crazy snow and shot this look. The dress is everything specially the material because its suede and its so  soft. Luckily it wasn't so cold but I'm in love with how it fits. I've never worn clothes from Ashley Stewart and this is actually my first time buying from them. At times I'm guilty of keeping it safe where I like to wear Brands that I know of hand the size and fit, but I decided to have some online confidence and bought this lovely piece in which was on sale for $15 dollars. If you guys only knew how much I over guessed whether to buy it or not.

Thick Sweater X Kylie Jenner and Pumas

Black and Pink Outfit

The Look: Sweater - Thick By Kylie Jenner (Here), Leggings - Marshalls (similar here), Sneakers - Puma in Pink (similar here)

I've always been so curious as to how my pictures would look in the night time because in the winter hours you have to always make sure photos are done before 4pm. Its so difficult when the time is shorter and you have to hurry and shoot your looks. But the other day I went to a friends get together and for the life of me I could not get out of my house in time. So night it was. Honestly, they do not look so bad even though  the day time focuses my looks a lot better. But when you are Fab, pictures will always look great, Ha! But I went for a more comfortable look  as to when I get glam to attend other events. Also, the whole makeup is by her valentines collection, truly obsessed with her line.


Vibrant, pink, white

The Look: Jeans - Blue Spice (here), Shirt - Zaful, Jacket - HM (similar), Bag - Dash Posh Boutique (here), Sneakers - Adidas White Shell Top (here), Hat - HM

One of the looks I opted for this year during Fashion Week was my sneakers and jeans. The reason why was because I needed to be comfortable at all cost. It was very cold and lets be honest wearing heels was not in my agenda. I feel more comfortable wearing something to my taste and style  At the same time it was Valentines Day and I wanted to bring in a more bright color feel. I must admit it was a favorite with the ladies. Moreover, my motto is to always opt for your own stylish moments where you can own it. Do not let anyone tell you any different.


The Look: Jacket - Dash Posh Boutique (Here), Sweater - Dash Posh Boutique (here), Sneakers - Puma (here), Leggings - Marshall's , Sunglasses - Fendi

Lately, I’ve been really obsessed with Puma Sneakers because they are absolutely comfortable, Inexpensive and Cute. Also, they vary from really nice girly colors that can be combinedany way you like. I find myself wearing and wanting all the colors because I love the way my feet look and feel. Have you ladies ever been so happy about a pair that you just go and buy every color? Im in that route and why no buy every color. Lol! Moreover, I’ve been loving how the leggings and bomber become an essential piece of clothing to sneakers like these. Even though the trend is bombers for guys and girls this year. I cannot get enough it. now you all know I do not follow trends but when there’s one I can wear and integrate with my wardrobe ill definitely wear it.