Monday, August 14, 2017



           The Outfit: Shirt Dress - Lacuev , Jeans - NyandCompany (similar), 
Sandals - Dolce Vita (similar)

Theres nothing better than having a Shirt/ Dress like this one. You guys know how i feel about certain garments that make you out to be so fabulous and this outfit has it all. I wore this out to a fashion show last month for mens fashion week and it was refreshing and different. Lacuev a small boutique in Miami Florida reached out to me and I loved every piece they own. This collaboration made me really happy because they have really unique and lovely pieces that can be worn day or night. This shirt dress is a perfect summer style in which I can wear all season long. I love wearing different styles because as a blogger you start wanting to see what looks good or not. I've been really focused lately on how my outfits photograph because one thing is how I feel and the other is how I look. Additionally, Lacuev sent me this awesome shirt dress without me having any idea what I was getting; they matched me to what they felt looked good and I am going to admit that they did that and more. 
Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dream Closet + Decor

I like for you guys to know the things I love and lately I've been dreaming of how I would like a bigger closet. wishful thinking. But since I'm so into home decor I wanted to share with you guys a closet that has been one of my dreams since I was younger. Eventually, I am working on it and will have it. but sharing some of my favorite home decors is definitely ideal. It would be awesome to walk into a closet with my favorite things like my shoes, clothes and all that I have. I live in an NYC apartment so I have to make the best of it. But I was roaming around and decided to put together my dream closet and how I would want it. Do you ladies dream of certain closets that will make your day if you had it? So, it got me thinking that I would decorate it in a way where not only the light will be extravagant but also the seat and all. I will have some of my closets friends just enjoying it with me! I always watch the show HDTV and they always show the most beautiful closets, living room and kitchens in which has me wanting it.  I am in the process of moving sooner than later and this is the walk in closet of choice. Below are my favorite items to add!

Arm Candy + Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie Arm Candy

One thing I love is to be inspired everyday of my life with #armcandy ❤️ These amazing bracelets have helped me realize to "trust my journey ✨as I keep growing, and to "stay blessed" in which I know i am. ❤️ these lovely bracelets keep me grounded and mindful that my life is truly beautiful in every way!! @charmingcharlie Thank you, I am in love with these bracelets and I will keep them close to my heart❤️😉 I remember this company as i was growing up and never thought in a million years i would be working with them. Its an honor. Thank you again for this lovely collaboration. as you guys know I love bringing to you guys nothing but the best of everything, after you are very Couture!
Saturday, August 5, 2017



The Look: Dress - Dash Posh Boutique (HERE), Sneakers - Puma (HERE)

Hello dolls, hope your Saturday is going is going phenomenal. As for me is going quite well. I've been home fixing some things and also preparing many blog post for you guys. This is the last month of like actual summer heat and I want to make sure I post all of the looks that I've shot through out last week and this week. Additionally, its been so hot out here in NYC and one of the things i love  is to wear cool clothing in oder to not be so hot because it can take a toll on you. This dress is stretchy and its from Dash Posh Boutique and I love how it looks and the material is so soft. The dress is good enough to wear with heels if desired or sneakers like I've worn it here. These Puma Sneakers provide a sporty chic look with lots of comfortability. Remember always that when you want to look your best all you need is your style and grace to be able to rock it. 
Monday, July 31, 2017



          The Look: Jeans - Marshall's, Button Down - Dash Posh Boutique, Shoes - Marshall's

Happy Monday Dolls, I know, I've been away but I was in Florida for Swim Fashion Week. I will put that post soon. so many good things coming for Love2bcouture and for now we keep under wraps. However, how are you guys, how is everything going? as for me is great, I just Reached 100k on instagram woooohooooo! Ive been working so hard and it was not easy. The algorithm and all, but you just have to believe in your craft. Also, I have lots of pictures to post to you guys, I feel I'm evolving with my looks and outfits. I love a bit of change when you start loving other styles. Its been so nice in NYC since i got back and wearing my jeans and a blouse feels great and i know you all agree with me when I say that. How are you guys enjoying the  cool weather? I prefer it just like this less humidity because the jeans go on without a problem.  Additionally, this shirt is so comfy from Dash Posh Boutique and its so soft.