My name is Johanna Cabral. I’m in my 30’s and I’m a full-time Mom and Blogger.  I’m passionate about Fashion and shoes. In 2014 I was selected from Monroe College to do their marketing Ads where my face was all over the trains and buses. Also, I did a documentary of My Real Life as a mom and student which is filed under ” Monroe College Real Documentaries” on Youtube. In 2015 I graduated from Monroe College with a Bachelors in Marketing, Media and Entertainment. 

All of the above are steps that I have followed in order to fulfill every single dream. I have a life ahead of me and so much more to accomplish. Each and everyday I’m growing and connecting with really amazing individuals from all around the world. This blog is a representation of me, a women with lots of curves and style. My message to every women is that you can wear an outfit and walk the runway. Don’t let no one define you, your style or your body just because your size is not 2. However, I love what I do and I’m the happiest girl because I get to share  and inspire others with my style. You can wear anything as long as you feel good. Every Curve Should be flaunted just to let the world know we are beautiful too.

As I always say to everyone, stay true to your style…It comes from within. If it looks good and you feel like a million bucks, wear it, walk it and show it. A confident women with curves can kill any runway. Its all about “ Your Confidence”.

Thank you for reading.

xo, Johanna

Personal Email: Love2bcouture@gmail.com

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