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    Fall Casual Style

    Hey guys,

    Hope this day finds you well and in good spirits. I wanted to share a second way to wear white pants in the fall. Most of the times it can be hard to pair white Jeans because it’s so bright. But I say the hell with trends and bring out those white jeans on and stretch. Since its cold you can add a sweater, scarf, pumps and some glasses to make it a fall casual style. Additionally, accessories can make any outfit look the way you want it. I know it’s not summer but if you let that get in your way, you’ll wear dark colors all fall and winter long. Wearing bright clothing is good for your aura and personal being. Honestly, you cannot go by that because white is so amazing and refreshing to anyone’s wardrobe. I always stress that its good to wear bright colors in any season. I’m not much into trends because it puts you at an awkward predicament of what fashion should be. To me once you have great style and you can put them together where your body looks good, I applaud you. This Blog is about the body positivity and how to wear certain things on a budget without over thinking. Continue reading

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    Lady In Red

    Fashion nova Christmas dress

    Outfit Details: Dress – Fashion Nova Curve (Link here) Shoes – Mossimo (Target ), Fur – Asos

    I provided some links below of different red dresses and furs.

    As The Holidays are already in full effect; one of the things I love is when you can dress up for those invited fun parties. Also, red is the most famous color to wear and I honestly love every minute of it. I can’t stop obsessing about leather, suede and fur to make a grand entrance. As a woman who loves anything sexy I feel that is preferable to look your best when you have a family party or friends party for Christmas or New Years. I prefer to be overdressed than under, ha.! Additionally, leather is so much fun to wear because it brings out the bold and beautiful from you. This dress is from fashion nova curve and I cannot stop loving how it fits. Now this is my fist time ever wearing a leather dress and I decided to go a bit less on the accessories. Remember loves that less is more and you want to bring classy to the table. I’m obsessed with how the dress fits because again I never wore one like this. At the same time black always looks great with red. Continue reading

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    Print Kimono Jacket X Sheinoffical

    The Outfit: Kimono – Sheinofficial (Here), Jeans – American Eagle, Shoes – Dune London 

    Some Similar below!

    *This post is sponsored by Sheinofficial  but all opinions are 100% mine!

    Ever Since Ponchos and kimonos came in style, I’ve been obsessed. Honestly I cannot stop loving how much you can wear it with anything in your closet. Specially now that its cold outside and its hard to wear clothes without something to keep you warm. At the same time, I’m really loving funny prints, lines and colors that are vibrant. Remember ladies just because its cold in NYC or any other country you can wear color because it will make your outfit so much more interesting to the point where it will not feel like winter, Ha!. I love to act like the weather is just another fun season without taking out the fun colors and just adjusting the wardrobe to fit around. Also, I hated jeans oh my god and now I am truly loving how they are fitting my body because I’ve been literally searching every store. These are from American Eagle and I must admit they fit just right. You can’t ever go wrong with a good pair of jeans, it truly makes days more exciting. I’ve been eating Healthy foods to shed some pounds and its really fab how I feel. Continue reading

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    Multi Colored Skirt X Fashionnova Curve

    Plus Outfit for Fall
    Outfit Details: Skirt – Fashion Nova Curve (Link here) Shirt – (Similar), Red Pumps – (Similar) on Sale
    *This post is sponsored by Fashion Nova Curve  but all opinions are 100% mine!

    Fashion Nova has been around for quite some time and not so long ago they launched their curvy brand in which is Fashion Nova Curve; they range in many different styles. They have absolutely everything from a night out outfit, to jeans, to office attire and much more. Their prices are really affordable where it would not break your bank and days like today, they have many sales for gifts and clothes of your own. you ladies know that here at love2bcouture I focus on the inexpensive part of clothes with style and grace. We can all look beautiful, vibrant and sexy on a budget because honestly you should never break your piggy bank trying to look so cute that eventually you end up broke. It’s fine to have a nice item from Gucci, Fendi and all those other brands if one: you can afford it and two: if you are living in your means. However, not saying that you cannot have it in which I own some good items in my closet but I find those items at a great sale, HA! Therefore, my biggest advice always is to wear inexpensive items but it has to fit your body and you can still mix and match with your closet essentials. Remember budgenistas less is more, cheaper and nice quality brings more fun clothes to the wardrobe, Can I Get an AMEN?  Continue reading

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    Suede Grey Dress

    Outfit Details: Suede Dress – Marshall’s, High Heels – Nine West, Necklace – Forever 21

    (similar Items Linked Below)

    Hello Loves happy sunday,

    Have you ladies and gents started revamping your closets with fun accessories and clothes? Well, let me tell you it seems like every season we are all there in the same boat trying to be more proactive on clothes that fit. I for one have a really bad habit of not getting rid of certain things because it comes on trend again and again or I feel bad giving it since I love hoarding my clothes. But this fall season i decided to just donate some clothes and sell some to the thrift shops in my city because my closet needs breathing. I find that you can only keep certain things that will benefit a look that is a favorite. I want more dresses and colors that make me feel warm, happy and vibrant. So I went to buy this lovely dress from Marshall’s in which was a score for only $15.99. I must admit thats a fab find. Also, its great because it has a bit of a turtleneck but not so crazy; Also its pretty warm and its suede. Now its cold in NYC but while I was shooting this dress it was in between. I paired it with a high heel from nine west one of the most comfortable shoes alive.

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    Faux Fur in Pink

    The Outfit: Faux Fur Jacket – Zaful, Jeans – Old Navy, Shoes – Nine west (links Below)

    There are many things that can vamp up a women’s closet and off course as we been narrowing down some items, faux fur jackets look great with many outfits of any kind. I got his pretty fur baby from Zaful and I honestly cannot lie that its beautiful in so many ways. Off course i combined it with a favorite pair of my pink shoes from Nine West to bring out the color and style. I find that jeans with faux fur jackets provide such a women appeal in ways where you can still stay warm, stylish and chic. This is time of the year where many of us women want to look our best and sometimes we want to opt for something more extravagant than a regular bomber, dust jacket or coat. My focus for you ladies is to show you many ways of wearing a certain item but still remaining true to your style.

    I honestly love fur but I love animals so faux fur it is. However, since the holidays are around the corner I know I love simplicity while still eating everything, ha; but in all reality adding pieces to your wardrobe provides many ways of styling and feeling great. Also, faux fur does not need to be expensive, just a good fit. I will link some of choice for you guys to look at and maybe purchase for your fun styles. Therefore, no matter what you do this season, keep in mind faux fur does not go out of style and matching it with jeans, a small pair of heels and a blouse makes it worthwhile. Finally, I went out to dinner with the love to celebrate all the good things in our life’s and this outfit was that and more. Do you lovelies love faux fur? How about Blush Pink? how do you match it? Let me know, I am so interested. Thank you for stopping by.
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