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Camo and Burgundy

Outfit details: coat – amazon fashion , booties – Walmart , shirt – American eagle, jeans – oldNavy 

There’s so many things we buy just out of obsession to the things we get to make a statement at all times. I for one love statement pieces for less than I can use over and over. Another thing is I love colors like reds, pinks and oranges. I’ve Always  stayed in those color hues due to the fact that’s Its my favorite. But I’ve been making some changes in trying different prints and colors that are truly inspiring.

This coat is an example of me mixing and matching. I bought it from amazon for $68 dollars and I honestly didn’t think it was doing to be nice or warm. Well ladies it proved me soWrong because it fits like a glove and its not small like it said on the reviews. I’ve combed it a couple of times to get the fur to puff up the way it should be. The price is right in my opinion and I can wear it anytime I want. I read so manga reviews both positive and negative but it’s worth it. The camo is not my thing but the mixture of the fur makes me real love it more than anything. I styled it work this lovely booties in which I bought in Walmart for only $32 dollars. My point is you can look nice and still be on a budget. Don’t ever go crazy worrying about the brand, if anything worry about your style. I prefer my style to always peak through with the things I like. Plus budgeting can you some pretty nice things and deals. This coat can be styled in many ways like with sneakers or casual booties. All how you want it to fit your steelo. However, when needing some type of lift me up add the sunglasses and a pop of lip color and boom your done. Therefore, Always have fun with your clothes and be you no matter what.

Thank you for stopping by, Xo Love2bcouture!

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