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G -Shock Event

A bit ago I attended an Influencers Event for G shock. It was amazing because of all the watches they have thats been made throughout the years as well all the current styles making a comeback. They had so many different collections from the women’s to the mens edition to a smart watch. yes you read right smart watch. Pretty hot on how they can make so many different watches with style and grace. I wanted a couple of their new watches. It’s so innovative and up to date. I am used to wearing the colorful watch thats a bit like a jelly feel. I would never change ladies, .

However, just seeing how up to date this company is and all of the styles they provide I won’t lie that you guys should take and look and see how amazing they are. I love G shock from my high school days and I won’t ever stop wearing my red watch, lol! below is some photos and explanations of what each can do. Enjoy !!


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