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Always Hot In Pink

Hot Pink Jeans for Summer

Outfit Details: Hot Pink Jeans – Fashionnova, Shirt – Victoria Secret, Bra –Ongossamer, Sandal – Call it Spring

It’s amazing what the seasons, years and fashion does through out time. When I was in my teens neons were huge and people would go crazy buying neon everything. Then it died down for a couple of years and then boom it has popped up again. I’m not much of a fan of certain neon clothes but I had to get a pair of jeans that have me obsessed. These fashionnova jeans fit like a glove, plus you guys know how I feel about pink, so off course the neon pink jeans are like my favorite. Not only are they a great fit but also the color pink is not so overboard highlight. I worked them. Or my daughters bday dinner last week and honestly I am pretty obsessed. There’s times I’m like ok I’m not getting that due to the color. But forget that these are hot AF! Also I won lie sometimes things might look weird on the body. But i won’t lie these jeans fit Amazing and I need these same ones in other colors because the material is super soft as all. The slit in the knees provide the right amount of sexiness in my eyes.

Additionally, some neons clothes is good but not a whole outfit, ladies you have to balance it so that it can fit exactly the way desiring it. I honestly can’t do too much neon because it will make the outfit overboard. So my advice to you all is make sure you , have a balance on the bright neon clothes your wearing so that you can look your best! For some reason black and white seems to look really good. That’s how I paired this outfit. The sandals and the shear blouse with the bra gave it the right amount of balance and perfect look. However, dinner was a delight with family and friends. My daughter is happy and that’s all that matters. I kept it casual yet sexy. My question to lovelies, how you feel about neon? Do you own anything neon? If so how do you pair your outfits. Link me let’s go lovelies. Remember is your style and your look. Thank you for stopping by and reading. Xo love2bcouture !


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