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Dream Closet + Decor

I like for you guys to know the things I love and lately I’ve been dreaming of how I would like a bigger closet. wishful thinking. But since I’m so into home decor I wanted to share with you guys a closet that has been one of my dreams since I was younger. Eventually, I am working on it and will have it. but sharing some of my favorite home decors is definitely ideal. It would be awesome to walk into a closet with my favorite things like my shoes, clothes and all that I have. I live in an NYC apartment so I have to make the best of it. But I was roaming around and decided to put together my dream closet and how I would want it. Do you ladies dream of certain closets that will make your day if you had it? So, it got me thinking that I would decorate it in a way where not only the light will be extravagant but also the seat and all. I will have some of my closets friends just enjoying it with me! I always watch the show HDTV and they always show the most beautiful closets, living room and kitchens in which has me wanting it.  I am in the process of moving sooner than later and this is the walk in closet of choice. Below are my favorite items to add!

                           I would add this lovely ottoman instead of that white table because it makes it to bland. this one has pink in which I’m crazy about from Arhaus

I have this mirror stored in my favorites because of the vintage look it has. another item that will finish what I’m looking for in a walk in closet !

Last but not least the rug because you need coutureness. Rugs add so much personality to any closet. I am so into home decor and these items will definitely make my dream closet so much more interesting. But honestly the above closet is my dream, not so big and not so small but perfect 
enough to have all I need. 

Also, I love how chandeliers
look, they have a special and unique style in which gives any closet, living room or room a romantic appeal.  The peyton chadelier will definitely make everything so fancy and couture. Check out different lighting options from Arhaus here.

These items are definitely my favorite for my dream closet in which I will design. As of right now my closet is small but you can walk in it. What you guys think? Do you dream of a nice closet as well? let me know I love to see yours. As always loves, thank you for reading, xo Johanna 

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