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Fall Casual Style

Hey guys,

Hope this day finds you well and in good spirits. I wanted to share a second way to wear white pants in the fall. Most of the times it can be hard to pair white Jeans because it’s so bright. But I say the hell with trends and bring out those white jeans on and stretch. Since its cold you can add a sweater, scarf, pumps and some glasses to make it a fall casual style. Additionally, accessories can make any outfit look the way you want it. I know it’s not summer but if you let that get in your way, you’ll wear dark colors all fall and winter long. Wearing bright clothing is good for your aura and personal being. Honestly, you cannot go by that because white is so amazing and refreshing to anyone’s wardrobe. I always stress that its good to wear bright colors in any season. I’m not much into trends because it puts you at an awkward predicament of what fashion should be. To me once you have great style and you can put them together where your body looks good, I applaud you. This Blog is about the body positivity and how to wear certain things on a budget without over thinking.

Remember I wear clothes in different sizes and it does not matter the brand, my size change completely. Example, this Sweater from Zara is a medium and it fits like a glove and also very warm. The jeans are from Fashion Nova Curve and they are 16. I feel My behind needs space, HA! But No matter what you babes do, where the colors you are told not to. the odds are, It will make you look fab. Therefore, when wearing white add neutrals and red since the holidays are present because it makes your outfit pop more. Be Bold. Minimalist and take risk. I learned to be comfortable on the things I like to wear and showing it to you guys means everything. Thank you for stopping by.

xo love2bcouture!

I added some links with my favorite Jeans , pattern Scarfs, and pumps and neutral sweaters you can get. Be creative with what you have and like, add your style and you’ll see it come to life.

how to wear white


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