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Torquoise & Split Skirt

The look: Skirt – Charlotte Russe {similar here}, Blouse – Old Navy {similar here}, Sandals – Circus at Marshalls {similar here}

Sometimes it seems like impossible just to pull out a dress or a skirt. I’ve been so physically attached to wearing my jeans. But had to break that and wear this sexy long split skirt. Ladies if you only knew my struggle lately when looking for my clothes. I really don’t know if it’s the weather or just feeling a bit tired. Let’s be honest sometimes it’s what easier to just wear and go. However, I was in the search of a skirt like this one where the splits meet perfectly with the length.

 Finally Charlotte Russe made my day when I was able To find this turquoise beauty. I don’t own to man long skirts and the ones I find need to be versatile. At the same time, I always say that it’s okay to try new garments, styles and colors. At least you know what goes with your body. Lately, light blue and turquoise look oh so good…ooh Lala!! Therefore, I wore this outfit to my two besties love celebration And announcement of marriage in which I am the witness of the wedding. It was a small BBQ with family and friends and this outfit was the perfect one. Not only was it comfortable but easy to move around in. Moreover, summer is leaving and I must admit I’m double thinking it cause i had a really nice time. But new seasons, new moon and change. I hope all of you lovelies have enjoyed it as much as me. What you guys think of this outfit? Do you guys love light blues and turquoise? Let me know. Thank you for reading, xo love2bcouture!


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