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Black Dress and Mirina Necklace

The changing weather from hot, cold and mild can put a huge confusion on my wardrobe. My dressing becomes a bit more sexy because the climate is in between and off course you know I love it just like this. However, this dress is so me because of the plain silhouette style in which I haven’t worn in a while. If you all noticed I’ve been wearing all my dresses. I’m such a lover for good O’L weather. I bought this dress in TJ Maxx a bit ago in which  has always been one of my favorites because of how it falls perfect by the knee’s. Any dress like this is easy to wear and manage. Remember as I always say just try it and make sure it fits like a glove. also, the pink wedges are Fabulous from H&M in which  provides such a bold and bright look instead of all black. If you would like to dress it down, you can wear some high boots and a cardigan to be more comfortable. Additionally, the necklace is an amazing piece in which I got from Mirina Collections  and I must admit it puts the icing on the cake with how beautiful it looks. Accessories play a huge part in my wardrobe. Never leave home without it.

Moreover,  there’s many different necklaces to choose from and you can save 20% off just by using my Code ”johannaxo” sitewide. ( Mirina Collections ) This one is called the “Pretty Girl” necklace in which all my friends have been loving and I’m sure you lovelies will love it too.
Hope everyone’s Wednesday is amazing. Thank you for reading , xo, Johanna!


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