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Damn Pigeon Custom made Dress

The Look: Dress- DAMN Pigeon , Sandals – Nordstrom BP

Hello Dolls, How is your Monday going? I hope its good one. As for me it’s a good one as I get into my events for blogging, some meetings and my daughters birthday party this past weekend. Also, I attended an event last week for #saborSmithfield in which was about different dishes you can eat with pork. It was Downtown Manhattan on Vesey street, if you get a chance visit my last post and my instagram to see. However, I wore this lovely dress custom made dress by DVMN PIGEON. I must admit that I’ve been a follower of the brand for a bit and constantly wondered if I can get something made to my size and fitting. I sent an nice DM to the designer to see if I can get the dress made in a design that DVMN has men’s shirts and pants. Also, SIYA the rapper wears a lot of her clothing and I couldn’t resist in getting my hands on something specially made. Not only was my dress custom made to my size but the material, layout and all was perfect. It was an all eyes me type stuff because the colors are to die for. I am really big on style and fit because I am curvy girl.

 I wore the dress to the #saborsmithfield event and can I say how much it was loved the ladies. I am now a fanatic where I might get a lot of my stuff from her because she is reliable, fast and the skills on the custom made dress was out of this world. I am in love with how professional she is when handling an order. Keep in mind ladies that she is a rapper, singer and owns the Brand. I love supporting others who are passionate about making people like me look beautiful in a unique piece of clothing. I will definitely order some more dresses for my events from DVMN. The clothes are young, fresh and hip. As a blogger is important to work with different brands and people who can make you look amazing with anything made. The designer goes by the name “knoxxy “in which is very unique. If you ladies have a chance, check them out and get somethings for yourself. For the guys, you might like her designs a lot as well. Additionally, I paired the dress with these Black Slides with wordings on them in which was a perfect match. Since the dress was hip I wanted to bring out the colors with these slides. A slicked back ponytail with simple makeup was perfect and not too much. Remember loves less is more. Always remember is about your style and the fit no one else’s.  Stay cool loves, thank you for reading, xo!

 Photographer Aj visuals

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