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Outfit : Jacket – Macys, Jeans, American Eagle, Booties – DVF, Shirt – boohoo

This past weekend was truly one of the best. The reason why because it was my other half’s bday. Some of my friends joined us to eat at a local restaurant that I love in queens. We also had some awesome drinks. Have you guys ever tasted mojitos with coconut milk?if you haven’t you should one day because it taste amazing. However, take time unwind and enjoy your time irk family and friends. There’s a lot happening in our world and being around your loved ones is very important. Besides all my fashion post, I like to be a little personal with you all because you get yo know me better and I get to you as well. Lately I’ve been taking my life at a paste where I’m trying to really enjoy the moment because I’m always working and taking a break to smell the flowers means more thank anything else . Therefore, no matter what you are doing take some time just to be with family and friends. Put the phone down and enjoy the convo, don’t worry if you do not capture the moment, but with your  your mind and soul . 😘

moreover for this night I wore a pair of jeans from American eagle in which I cannot stop talking about. I’ve always had issues in finding good jeans. But I can finally say that American eagle is great with all of there jeans. These are high waisted size 12 and the fits is omg in point. I have to get more because I am obsessed. I decided to wear a leopard blouse and leather jacket and my black booties. A bit of rocker chic vibes going on here. How do you guys like it? Have you ladies ever tried the American jeans? They have so many options. Let’s talk about it. Let me know what other places I can purchase jeans like this.

Thank you for passing by, xo love2bcouture!

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