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Romantic Red Leopard & Black

Pretty Little this Dress

Outfit Details:  Pretty Little Thing – Dress, Boots – Via Spiga, Stocking – Via Spiga, Jacket – HMBag – Bloomingdales

One if the things I can ever stop loving is to get glammed and enjoy some fashion shows about all of the upcoming trends and style. I’ve been on since 2013 attending and feel soBlessed that so many designers invite me in which I’m so humbled by.  I receive daily question on how to be a part of it and my honesty is, you have to be ready to write and produce content. I’ve been truly focused on making sure that I can beg good pictures and videos of each designer I watch the show and write about them. Specially if they make allKinda of sizes for the world. Also, it’s an amazing time to make friends and just connect with others who are in the industry as well. 
However, day 2 of #NYFW was truly awesome. The show attended was fashion Hong Kong and 4 other designers in which I will post this week. I got front seat which was nice because I was more closer to seeing the designs up close and personal. I decided to wear a valentines look because  it’s the month of love. I couldn’t stop thinking about these awesome boots I bought from Via Spiga as well my stocking that I wanted to wear badly.

The dress was jack pot and one of my favorite store online had i. Off course I was all over it and honestly I didn’t think it was gonna look good. But it turned out to be an attention seeker because all the ladies love it. I met with some of my blogging friends and mucked for a bit. I attended some late shows and Off course my night was truly complete. Ladies this dress can be worn with sneakers if you decide. Let me know your thoughts, did you like it? How would do you wear different color leopard ? Let me know. Thank you for stopping by, xo love2bcouture .


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