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Not everything that looks good, fits

Outfit details: Sheinofficial, Glasses – MCM, Sandals – Franco Sarto

Lately it has been a worldwind of things. Don’t know if it’s the weather, a season change or just something really good coming my way. All I know is I am a strong believer in mercury retrograde and it had me in crazy emotions. I’m starting to feel better though and things are getting fixed. But no matter what I am a conquerer and a believer that good things come to those who hustle, stay true to themselves and good style! 

My style has been changing in ways that I never imagine. Like my eye is only seeing pieces that work in my closet for many different things. Like reuse it and make a different outfit or add it to with other styles.also, I cannot stop being a bit more bold with trying new clothes that I thought was ugly. But we just gotta try. I got this outfit from sheinOfficial in which only the pants fit and the blouse needed some fixing ! Most of times I’ve tried wearing their clothes but it was either breaking or the cut was not good in my body. Let’s talk about this. The pants are stretch and fit like a glove, the shirt was a bit hard to wear but I did my own adjusting to it by taking off the zipper on the back and adding stretchy bands for it to fit. Overall the outfit is cute but it needs better adjustment in order for clothes to fit curvy girls like me and others. Even though I’ve received many other outfits from this company and they’ve been a good fit; unfortunately this time I had to adjust the blouse. I have a sowing machine and I can hem some things to make it more my style and fit to my body. I don’t speak bad about no brand even when some things do not work but some clothes need better sizing in order for everyone to wear the garment. Even though I truly fell in love with this outfit, Sheinofficial needs a bit more of Fixing within the sizes of clothes, specially curvy girls like me.
Thank you for the outfit, however if you ladies purchase anything please make sure that it will fit your bodies because it’s hard to spend a lot of money on many outfits to then be highly upset. So make sure you read and learn about it all.
Thank you all for stopping by, xoxo Love2bcouture !!

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