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stylish for labor day
Outfit: Jeans – Old navy, blouse – Marshall’s (similar ), bag – Bloomingdale’s aqua (similar) , Shoes – Apt9 Kohls

Since I’ve had so many jeans that were kind of short on my ankles, I’ve cut most of them to use this summer. Guys, you know how hard it is for me to find jeans that fit in every angle, and luckily these jeans I love since forever. For maybe two years I’ve had gastritis a stomach condition that does not let you eat many spicy foods, I’ve had to put myself in a small diet where certain foods are restricted in order to get it o leave. Well I’m happy to say that I’ve shed some pounds down, my stomach feels great and these size 12 jeans fit. Listen I love being  me and my body is everything. but when your health takes a turn and foods are not making you kind of sick , you have to start looking at healthy options. 

To explain ;gastritis is a condition where red meats is hard to digest, can eat ketchup, sodas and many other things that cause indigestion pain. Therefore I’ve been eating safe foods like fish, chicken, shrimp and other foods that make me feel good. So for a year now I am truly better, that’s where the weight loss is. Therefore, I love my body no matter the stage of thickness or skinny.
However, these jeans are a 12 and I had them in my closet for ever but decided to cut them because it was not fitting the way I would’ve liked in the legs. Once I put them on I was oh ok it fits which was great. But adjustment s to my clothes had to be done and I don’t mind. Additionally, Me and my other half spent a day shopping and movies the other day, so this comfy yet stylish outfit was my go to.  Another thing is I love red and bright colors, its hard for wear dark colors. Also, summer is soon ending and off course some outfits needs to be worn because I have so many oh my, lol. Also, its perfect fr Labor Fay to kick off the festivities this coming weekend.
As I said before I wasn’t into the fanny pack thing, but now I want all them haha. I like to be comfy and honestly I’m not one to Carry to many things. If you all notice my pics I don’t have bags added but its time to start since I have so many different style and brands of bags.
Any who, Who loves fanny packs? Also do y’all cut your favorite jeans to fit to your style? Let’s chat….
Thank you all for stopping by and being so amazing … xoxo Love2bcouture 
Images By AJ Visuals

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