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Pretty and Casual

Outfit Details: Jeans – Old Navy Flirt (similar), Shirt – Lane Bryant , Shoes – Apt Kohls (similar), Fanny Pack – Bloomingdales Aqua

With the temps still on the 80’s in NYC I will stay rocking my short jeans and dresses because I am not ready for for colder weather. I love when I can wear comfortable clothing that can keep me cool. Don’t get me wrong a bit of breeze at night sets the tone to feeling super amazing because theres no sweating involved and I am all for it. Except I’m not ready for coats, OMG Noooooo!! lol…However, the other day  I attended a fabulous event for Metal and Smith which was all jewelry. All I could is say WOW. I wanted everything that those unique vendors were selling. it was so amazing and  off course me I wanted every single thing there. Stay tuned for that post of that event only.  Continue Reading

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Pretty In A Maxi Dress

Outfit Details – Blue Wave Boutique – Below ive attached some similar dresses.

Theres nothing more exciting than a dress that can speak for itself. I honestly cannot stop obsession on how this dress looks on me. You guys know if I can live in a dress i actually would because it’s truly comfortable and my type of style. At the moment I’m out ready  to transition to fall of any kind because i want to wear dresses and sandals. I love hot weather because I can always find something to wear. my closet is full of maxi dresses that i haven t worn as of yet and i am gonna have wear them to all the fashion week soon coming next month.

However, this little boutique in Manhattan sent me this dress and its funny that its name is Johanna. it as enough personality for any women and its stretchy enough where you do not need it to be big. I’m wearing a X-Large and I have space to move. Continue Reading

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Bombshell Vibes

Fashionnova Satin Dress

Hello lovelies,

I’m so glad to be back. Sorry I’ve been away, but been working part-time and at the same time took a break to refresh my mind, body and soul. I needed to refresh my brain in order to produce better content and fabulous looks. One thing is that I love writing and connecting with brands as well as  networking. But it’s important to always take time to focus your time on other things of your life that needs attention.

However, have you all noticed? I changed my hair color to a golden blond. How exciting and been working out a lot more in which I’m so loving. I feel amazing and healthy. I have a part-time job with a clothing store and that has me loosing some pounds as well. Ever since I turned 37 years old in December I needed to make changes to my diet just because of my gastro issues. So far I must really admit I am doing phenomenal and feeling like a million dollar baby! Ha… Moreover, I’m working so much more with other brands and one of them is fashionova, omg guys I’m really loving all of their clothes on which fits me so good. Continue Reading

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Multi Colored Skirt X Fashionnova Curve

Plus Outfit for Fall
Outfit Details: Skirt – Fashion Nova Curve (Link here) Shirt – (Similar), Red Pumps – (Similar) on Sale
*This post is sponsored by Fashion Nova Curve  but all opinions are 100% mine!

Fashion Nova has been around for quite some time and not so long ago they launched their curvy brand in which is Fashion Nova Curve; they range in many different styles. They have absolutely everything from a night out outfit, to jeans, to office attire and much more. Their prices are really affordable where it would not break your bank and days like today, they have many sales for gifts and clothes of your own. you ladies know that here at love2bcouture I focus on the inexpensive part of clothes with style and grace. We can all look beautiful, vibrant and sexy on a budget because honestly you should never break your piggy bank trying to look so cute that eventually you end up broke. It’s fine to have a nice item from Gucci, Fendi and all those other brands if one: you can afford it and two: if you are living in your means. However, not saying that you cannot have it in which I own some good items in my closet but I find those items at a great sale, HA! Therefore, my biggest advice always is to wear inexpensive items but it has to fit your body and you can still mix and match with your closet essentials. Remember budgenistas less is more, cheaper and nice quality brings more fun clothes to the wardrobe, Can I Get an AMEN?  Continue Reading